Welcome to my Brand Spankin’ New Blog!! I can’t wait to get started and share thoughts and new ideas.

You’re probably wondering, why Life at Full Volume? I want to look at many different aspects of life, and to the best of my ability. This blogging thing is new to me, so let’s see where it takes me! xox

One thought on “LIFE AT FULL VOLUME

  1. From someone who knows you well, I agree with “Bobby”. You in jeans: Oooo-la-la. Curves are good.

    Am very happy to see you writing about body image. It has tormented women throughout the ages. When all is said and done, when we cross to the other side, would we all not like to be remembered for who we are, what we have done, but most importantly, how we have loved and helped others? I have attended the services of some departed female
    friends and have never heard the words, “We will all remember her for her great body.”

    Agreed. As women, we need to support each other, and remind ourselves about what is most important in life.

    Congratulations on your blog launch. C

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