Inspiring People Who Have Made an Impact: Rachel’s Story

There is something that has been lingering in my mind the past few days. I’m not sure why, but I keep coming back to one of my best friends, and how much of an inspiration she is to me.

This blog post is part of a new series entitled Inspiring People Who Have Made an Impact. Through these blog posts I will talk about various people who have made an impact in my life and how they truly inspire me to be a better person. I hope they inspire you too!

My friend Rachel (as described in Turning up the Volume on Body Image and Self-Esteem) is one of the most amazing people that I have ever met. We have been friends for about 5 years now, and it was amazing that we even became friends at all because she was in “advanced academics” while I was in the ‘regular curriculum’. None of our classes were together, and from an outside perspective you might not think that we would have any common interests or personality traits that would help keep a friendship going.

Maybe it has something to do with how well our personalities combine, or how talented, intelligent and humble she is. But without a doubt, she has always stayed by me, regardless of the situation.
My final year in high school could be described as a Fantastically Depressing Success. I was going through a lot of personal stuff, and while some friends suggested that I was needy and that I needed to see the school counsellor, my friend Rachel just stayed out of the drama and continued to be my friend. I felt alone, and like everyone had their place but me. Everyone else had their group of friends that they hung out with at lunch, while I just kinda flitted back and forth from group to group, doing my thing. Despite all of that, I graduated from high school with graduated honours with distinction, and received the Writing 12 Award along with the Spanish 12 award. It amazes me how I was able to excel, despite the fact that my mental and emotional states were in the toilet.

Anyways, back to Rachel: even though Rachel and I are unable to get together on a regular basis, we still hold the closeness of a tightly knit friendship. You know those friends that you only see a couple times a year but it’s like there was no time apart? It’s like that. She is so open, and I know I can tell her anything. She also has interesting things to say, such as how her work is going, how a new craft project is progressing, and how things are going with the guy that she is seeing.

One thing that I always admired about Rachel is how willing she is to try new things and have new experiences. As she has been living in Toronto for four months this summer, she has had to completely open up to new experiences and meet new people. As mentioned above, this is not a problem for her. Even though through our Skype conversations I could tell that she didn’t feel entirely grounded in her new job, she was making the best of it by going out to Swing Dancing Clubs and reaching out to the other people around her. She is an amazing person because what you see is what you get. I never feel like she is hiding anything from me, and I know that she feels free to be herself when we are together. Also, if you become her friend, she will be loyal to you and be there for you as much as possible. I think people can sense this about her, because she attracts amazing people into her life, and (from where I stand) it seems that people don’t just drop her as a friend. When telling a friend about her before I introduce them, I can’t help but say that she is one of the most amazing person that I have ever met, and it will take meeting her to understand.

I have been steadily placed in the same location for the last four to five years due to schooling, but when that next big change comes up, I am going to rip a page out of Rachel’s book and treat it with excitement and awe. I am going to see what the new situation has to offer, (whether it be a new job, or living in a new city) and soak up all the excitement with a fresh pair of eyes just like my friend Rachel has done so well. Even though I don’t get to see her that often, I still feel that pang of excitement when we get together after a long period of being apart. She knows not only me, but my heart, which is truly priceless when it comes to friendship.

Who inspires you in your life! I would love to hear in the comment section and stay tuned for our next inspiring person!! xox

4 thoughts on “Inspiring People Who Have Made an Impact: Rachel’s Story

  1. You are the inspiration for so many people. Nobody could ever guess what you have been going through lately and that is one of the many reasons that you are inspirational. C.

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