Everyone Loves a Quickie!

Hey Guys! I know it’s been forever since I’ve been on here, so I thought I’d give a quick update as to what I’ve been up to.

428523_415231635181608_133180553_nWell, the last update was about my weekly goals and whether I was able to accomplish them because I was coming into a seizure period. I was right, I kinda did set my sights a little high, as my seizures set me in bed for most of that weekend, but I was able to get out a little bit and I did get some of my walks in. I had a really bad fall two weekends ago. I whacked my head on the wood floor, but there was no serious damage. My head is fine, there was just a little bump, and there was no need to go to emergency. Thank goodness!

Hmm…what else? I’ve been busy working on another project, which is probably why I haven’t been as spending as much time over here. I’m kinda thinking about writing motivational speeches, based off of my stories that I have posted here. Since everyone has been so supportive of my stories that I have posted on here, I really feel that a bigger audience would be interested in hearing more of my story. Anyways, I am going to be hosting a little tester event with some friends in March, so I’ll keep you updated on that!

Other than that, not much is up! I am feeling better these days. I went shopping with my friend on Saturday and was able to withstand all the stimulation in the mall and didn’t even feel very anxious in all the crowds, which was amazing! I remember going to the mall with my mom back in the summer and I was completely overwhelmed, so this was a big milestone for me. Yay for success!

I am keeping up with my exercise, and keeping my mind busy with new projects. I find it’s been really good for keeping my spirits and confidence high.

**LAST but not least,   I just came across a new first aid for seizure video that I think is really stellar. There is also text instructions below the video, so you can just skim through.I thought it would be very useful, because people are always asking me what to do in case I have a seizure. Now you know! BAM! http://www.epilepsy.com/epilepsy/firstaid

You could be that difference that a person with a epilepsy or some other seizure disorder needs. We need more people with these skills. Trust me. I know first hand.

Anyways, that’s all for now! Love you all! xox

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