Meditation Challenge and Blog Feature!

Hey guys! So I am starting something a little new! First of all, I am starting a Blog Of The Week feature, where I feature a blog  that I already follow, and recommend that you check out! If you are interested in being featured, and would be interested in sharing my blog in return, leave me a message in the comment section below.

hatha_yogaMy first feature is Yoga, Musings, and Life Where a self described twenty something year old yoga nerd talks about her passion for yoga and muses over life in an introspective and honest manner. There is something about reading her posts that is both calming and eye opening. One of my favourite blog posts is where she talks about getting diagnosed with epilepsy. Even though it is a tough pill to swallow, she sees her diagnosis as something that made her appreciate her yoga even more, and made her want to share it with others and inspire other people. Please check it out!

Keep your eyes peeled for the next feature, as I already have one lined up!

My next exciting piece of news is that I am currently doing a week long challenge of meditation (for 20 minutes), and I am cutting all caffeinated drinks. I mentioned this in one of my more recent blog posts, but when I meditated this past week I slept so well, I figured it was worth pursuing.  The elimination of caffeinated drinks is just to feel better, and see if I can have more natural energy. I am also getting headaches as a side effect  from my new medication, so I am trying to ease off anything that might make them worse.

Saturday February 16 was my first day of the challenge and it’s going pretty well so far! Even though I went to Starbucks today I got a Strawberry smoothie, which was delicious. I then meditated in the afternoon around 4pm, and even though I was completely exhausted when I started, I felt pretty rejuvenated when I was finished! So far so good!  I will continue to check in and let you know how it’s going!

Hope your weekend is going well! Lots of love! xox

One thought on “Meditation Challenge and Blog Feature!

  1. Thanks, I’ll take a look at the blog posts you recommend. One word about cutting out caffeine…headaches are a side effect for a bit. You might also want to consider eventually giving up white sugar and white flour as well. Good luck with your challenge; looking forward to finding out how it goes! Love.

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