Update on Meditation and no Caffeine!

Hey guys! Well today is a rainy Sunday, so I have taken the liberty for it to be a lazy Sunday. I woke up feeling pretty refreshed, but for some reason I have fallen into the slump of feeling  pretty tired. Regardless, I stuck to my committment of meditation, and it went well. (I’m not sure if it’s supposed to “go well” but what I’m trying to say is that I did it for the full twenty minutes.) Even though I drink about two to three cups of tea a day, I’m feeling the effects of no caffeine, and even though decafeinated drinks are nice, they’re just not the same! I guess I’m feeling kinda lazy today, but whatever! Maybe I am tired because I am having a lazy day, but maybe the grey weather is just making me feel this way. Hopefully tomorrow is less rainy! Hope you’re enjoying your day! Love you all! xox

Here’s to end your weekend with an inspirational picture. I think it fits where I’m at right now.:) 246537_342468995830064_1534789087_n

7 thoughts on “Update on Meditation and no Caffeine!

  1. Your blog and the connections you are making with your experiences of epilepsy, meditation and yoga absolutely fill my heart with such joy. I haven’t met anyone quite like you… I have lots of beautiful friends with epilepsy, but none who have had the experiences so similar to some of mine. Thank you.

    1. Hi Raji!
      Ah I cannot explain how much your message touched my heart! Thank you! Your warm words have warmed my heart! i checked out your blog and it seems that you have a lot of interesting things happening over there! I look forward to seeing what you come up with in the future! Like you, I have very few friends with Epilepsy, so it’s nice to start building a network. Talk soon I hope!

      1. me too! i am on leave from working recovering from surgery. they removed my left hippocampus… hoping they have found the “cure”. but whatever will happen will happen. i am having the chance to find people like you and i am so happy and grateful 🙂 you completely ROCK! plus your name is so beautiful. sitagaia. wow. 🙂

      2. ps given your study of yoga, you might find this interesting. i don’t know if you saw. it came in a weird rush. i’m not sure exactly why. but it was an experience to create. i am grateful. http://subtlebeing108.wordpress.com/2013/01/28/two-views/

        sounds like we have some similarity when it comes to some of our seizures. mine were across the spectrum from partial to grand mal (well, tonic-clonic, as they say today).

  2. Raji, wow that is quite an extensive surgery! I hope that the recovery process goes well for you! I started to look at the link you sent me-is it someone having a seizure? I’ve never seen someone else have a seizure so I’m not sure I could deal. If you would like to message off of the blog, feel free to drop me a line at lifeatfullvolume@gmail.com. 🙂

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