The Best St. Paddy’s Day I Ever Had

I was in my first year of university, and St. Paddy’s Day was on a week day. I was on my way to the library to study, because I’m nerdy like that. I only knew it was St. Paddy’s day because my friend asked me what I was doing, and I said “Aw, not much”. It’s true! I have no problem with people going out and having fun, it’s just not my favourite holiday since drinking is one of its major key elements, and let’s be real, I am not the biggest partaker in that activity.

Anyways, since the library was going to be less cramped because everyone was going to be out celebrating, I decided to get a hot chocolate to help motor through my readings and assignments. I stopped off at the cafe in the library and ordered a drink. As I was waiting for my drink, the barista asked me if I wanted some St. Paddy’s Day whipped cream on my hot chocolate. I was taken a back. “Is there any…um alcohol in that?” “No,” the barista smiled. “We just add food colouring to the regular whipped cream”.

Darn. Always the age old question. To be extravagant or not. What the hell. I was already staying in on a holiday that I didn’t pay much attention to so why not! “Yes please!” I told him. Several seconds later the barista produced the most beautiful hot chocolate I have ever seen. Green whipped cream on top, with delicious chocolate underneath. I brought a lid with me; I didn’t want to squish the Barista’s handiwork just yet. I brought it over to my study station and studied it in awe for a few moments, and in all honesty, it made me smile. I just laughed to myself about spending St. Paddy’s Day alone, and got down to my readings.

The Barista had no idea, but he just made my St. Paddy’s Day. Who knew a little food colouring and hot chocolate could do that?

Hope you all have a great St. Paddy’s day, whether it’s like the one I had, or whether it’s out celebrating with friends! Love you all! xox

Irish HC3

2 thoughts on “The Best St. Paddy’s Day I Ever Had

  1. Sometimes the most delightfully simple things can be the most beautiful, smile-inducing things in life.

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