Sita’s Top 10 Best Random Things in Life

1.When You Get the Last Brownie

Brownies are probably one of my favourite dessert foods of all time. There is something about the rich and thick chocolatey nature of it’s character that makes me crave one from time to time. I could probably write an entire blog post on how much I love brownies, but again, this post isn’t about brownies. I have sampled many a brownie. The rich brownie that is thick and fudge-y and stays together when you bite into it, and then there’s the brownie imposter which tastes more like chocolate cake. Brownies just go so well with a movie or a hot beverage. Or, sometimes they just cheer you up when you’re feeling blue. Let’s face it: it’s a truth. So, when you grab the last brownie-either from the coffee shop or from the fridge, you can’t help but feel a little victorious.

2. When You’re Thinking About Texting Someone and Then they Text You

It’s after the first date, and you had a great time. You really want to text the other person, but you’re not sure if that’s a weird thing to do. Is it weird to say, “hey I had a great time! I’ll see you after the long weekend!”? You ponder it a bit, then, while you forget about it, because you have to leave your phone in your gym bag during your workout. The other person thinks you’re also awesome, and decides to send you a little text, which you receive after your workout, which you couldn’t be happier about. Magic, right?!

3.When You’re Running For the Bus and it Stops For you

Oh buses. I have more than one tale to tell about my experiences. I am generally always on time for everything. It’s just the way I am. This includes the bus. There are some exceptions though, which is what makes life interesting. One time I was finishing up my workout at school, and I was walking outside towards the bus stop. I soon realized that my bus was leaving the bus stop, so I darted towards the bus stop, in hopes that the driver would see me and stop. The driver saw me and stopped! As he let me on he said: “I couldn’t not stop with a smile like that!” I guess for some silly reason I was smiling the entire time. Silly me!

4.When You Have the Perfect Pun for a Situation

I love puns. I’m not ashamed. Some people think it’s silly, but I think it’s awesome. There are so many good situations where puns can be made, but people just don’t realize it. If you think about it, you could probably make a pun for almost any situation, just some of the puns would be weaker than the others. I was with my parents, family friends, and my good friend, and we were all having dinner, and we were talking about farming and how it would be interesting to have a farm. Correction: they were talking about how it would be interesting to have a farm. I was just worn out from the day, and I was just zoning out into my own little world. I suddenly zoned back into the conversation when they were talking about milking cows. Our family friends said “Yeah I thought it would be neat to milk a cow” I couldn’t help myself: “I think it would be UTTERLY AMAZING!” It was a proud moment.

5.When You Nail that Dance Move You’ve Been Working On

I love dancing. I’ve done many types, and it’s always been enjoyable. There’s something about dancing that makes me feel great. Probably because I’m dancing to my favourite music, and I’m with a bunch of other people who love it too. If you love dancing too, you’re going to understand this next best thing in life. So I might be working on a move for a while, and I’ll be close to perfect, and then suddenly-BAM! I got it perfect! I am in the zone! The move is perfect!

6.When Your Barista Smiles at you

So it’s early in the morning and you’re rushing to the coffee shop to get your fix of whatever caffeinated or non-caffeinated beverage. You’re tired from work the night before and you had some papers on top of that! Your boyfriend wanted you to watch some Game of Thrones, so you cuddled up and tucked in to a show before another short night of shut eye. Anyways, the coffee shop. In this scenario I would probably order a decaf green tea with jasmine (only sophisticated coffee shops make such a tea decaf). I tuck my hair behind my ears as I root around in my wallet for the two bucks and fifty cents that it costs. As the barista hands me the tea, he gives me a friendly smile, and says “have a good one!” “You too!” I say. Before dashing off to the next thing on my agenda, I know that the “Have a good one” gives me the fuel I need to get through my day. Thanks barista, I hope you know that you get people like me through my day not only on decaf tea, but with friendly sayings. Keep it up!

7.When You’re Shopping and Your Size is the Last on The Rack 

Shopping is something that I have a love hate relationship with. I like it to a certain extent, but I will always determine what I need to buy before I go shopping. I also try to figure out a price range of how much to spend before I go on a shopping adventure, just so I don’t go overboard on my spending. One of my favourite places to shop is lululemon. One time my mom and I were shopping there because she was going to buy me a running jacket. We were browsing the store, and I had seen a couple articles of clothing that I had liked, but I didn’t pick them up immediately. Then I saw a jacket that I loved. A purple plaid pullover jacket. Lo and behold, it was the only one on the rack. I kid you not! I snatched it up, before another lady who was about my size, and was also eye balling it, could grab it. I still have it to this day, and it’s a great jacket. So glad I grabbed it!

 8.When You Get Freebies

I can be pretty lucky with this. A couple of my friends work at the local Aquarium, and since they are total sweets, they have let me in on their guest pass on more than one occasion. I totally appreciate it since the Aquarium is super fun, and has a lot of fun things to do! They have also let in my other friends on their guest passes, so to my friends who are total sweets-you know who you are!

I also got a free Facial from Lush yesterday. Have you ever been to Lush? They use completely natural stuff to make face products, soap, make-up, etc. It was amazing! Plus the lady who did my facial was awesome! I ended up buying a product, but I did get a tester to take home for free!

9.When Your Boyfriend (Or Girlfriend) is Waiting for You at the Airport

Long flights are gross. You stink. You’re sharing the same air as a bunch of other passengers. If you’re like me, you like to stay hydrated, so you take sips from your water bottle every ten seconds, so then you have to go to the bathroom every thirty minutes. It costs money to get food on the plane, so you have to make sure to bring food ahead of time. Okay, I’m exaggerating, but sitting in the same position for four and a half hours-five hours is not generally my favourite thing. I try not to fall asleep so I will be more adjusted to the time difference when I land, but that’s not always a guarantee. When the plane finally lands, and 150 people just stand there waiting for everyone to get off the plane, I just sit there, looking at the stupidity of my fellow travellers. Do people really think that standing will really get them out faster? It takes awhile to get going.

Anyways, when I finally get past mothers with children, that man with the cool gadgets, whatever, I make a swift walk towards the baggage carousel. Then finally, seeing his face is like a breath of fresh air. I am no longer smelling dirty diapers, salty pretzels and stale farts.

I run to him and he lifts me up in a hug and whirls me around. You forget about the crappy flight, and it just feels so good to be home.

10.When You’re in The Car and your Favourite Song Comes on the Radio

Whenever I’m in the car, I’m always the passenger, since I don’t have my license. I would love to drive one day, but at this point, it’s not safe. Anyways, I love listening to the radio in the car. My mom is probably the only one who puts up with my taste in music. I don’t have bad taste; I just prefer mainstream music. Most people I hangout with turn up their noses at mainstream music. Anyways, sometimes I’ll be stressed in the car, because I’ll be coming or going from appointments, so when one of my favourite songs comes on the radio, I always turn it up and kinda sing along to it. There’s nothing better than having your favourite song come on when you’re in the car!


3 thoughts on “Sita’s Top 10 Best Random Things in Life

  1. This post is hilarious! Honestly, why DO those people stand up the second the plane lands? They aint goin nowhere for at least 5!!!

    One my of favourite posts as of yet! Loved reading it and it has inspired me to think about my fav things 🙂

  2. Love it! Especially #7…. there’s nothing worse than finding something you love but they’re out of your size, and nothing better than getting the last size! 😀 This was a great post, totally heard you in my head. 🙂

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