My Epilepsy

Here is a wonderful poem from Astrid over at Astrid’s Words. I wanted to share this poem with you because it reflects where I am at in my journey, and she happened to put it together so nicely in poetic form. Please check out her poem, and explore her blog. Love you all! xox

Astrid's Words

As frustrating as it can be

I have to accept that it is a part of me

Wherever I may want to go

It is something that will show

My epilepsy

I have often tried to deny

I have often needed to rely

Help is a word I use

Help is something I cannot refuse

To me, many cautions apply

This is not the end of my life

It is something to live with, a strife

I will still be able to succeed

As long as I choose to proceed

Epilepsy, not the center of my life

These are words that were written when I looked upon my life with the aim to accept having Epilepsy. I looked upon how I felt about it, how it had been affecting my life and, also, how I wanted to move forward. One of the things that helped me to continuously move forward…

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