Reflection on the Past Year: Where I’m at Now!

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Hey everyone! Time for some reflection time. As I write this I am on a Greyhound bus heading from Kelowna, BC back to Vancouver. It’s pretty cool. These buses are pretty fancy and they have plug points and WiFi, which makes it easy for me to update my blog!

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the things I am able to do now, versus the things I wasn’t able to do about a year ago. It’s a pretty dramatic shift, and I think by writing down the changes, it will illustrate how far I’ve come.

Over the Last Year

  • I wasn’t allowed to go anywhere without someone driving me, or supervising me on the bus in case of a seizure
  • Stopped going to the gym
  • Stopped working
  • Stuck in bed
  • I felt depressed
  • I felt uncertain about the future with regards to seizures and felt overwhelmed with working with a medical team to making things better
  • I had so many side effects of my medication
  • Took a year off of school

Since April

  • I have taken the Greyhound bus from Vancouver to Kelowna all by myself (it’s about a 6 hour bus ride)
  • Taken a plane ride (5 hour trip) all by myself
  • Taken the bus/subway
  • Worked out in the gym for an hour (did half an hour on the bike and lifted free weights as well as weight machines)
  • Went for hikes (lasted about an hour)
  • I have been volunteering on a regular basis
  • Practised dance routines on a dvd on a regular basis
  • I Feel more positive with regards to seizures, and working with a medical team to make things better
  • The Side effects of my medication is more controlled (this is amazing!!)
  • Going back to School in September!!

Now that I have weighed things out, I realized that I really have come a long way. Sometimes it takes looking at things on paper to realize that things have really changed and I have made a lot of progress. It’s really easy to get stuck in the future: such as what else do I have to do? Will I have more problems when I go back to school? Will the stress of school cause seizures and will all this hard work have been for nothing? These thought patterns are useless so I’m trying to imagine that they are in a train crash and throw them off a cliff. I have no idea what’s going to happen. Worrying about tomorrow robs today of it’s joys, an excellent quote said by someone that I can’t remember at this moment. Living mindfully will help me just live, moment by moment. Second, by second. Focusing on the breath brings you back to  your own being. I’m sure everything will work out. It’s all depends on how you handle it. Hope you’re well! xox


One thought on “Reflection on the Past Year: Where I’m at Now!

  1. Loooove this post !!! It makes me so proud to see on paper your accomplishments! Its outstanding. On a daily basis I too have to tell myself to focus on the present and not worry about the future. Its basically pointless ! Love your way of looking at it as a train crash.

    ❤ shari

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