10 Random Facts about Me

i-love-you-art-black-and-white-china-teacup-Favim.com-487593_largeI can’t believe that I haven’t posted this earlier. I mean, it’s a great way of learning new and weird things about the brains behind this blog. Anywho, here goes!

1. I Have Wanted to be a Social Worker since Age Ten
When I was a kid, my parents had a subscription to Time Magazine. I happened to get my hands on one of the issues, and the featured story was about a young boy who had Autism. The article absolutely fascinated me, as I had never considered that other people might see the world in a different way, and even have difficulty communicating with those in their life. I knew from that point on I wanted to hear about the stories in people’s lives, and have the skills to be able to help them with their issues. I never had any doubts about the direction I wanted to take in my life, so I volunteered in my community and worked with school aged children. I continued my dream by mentoring a young girl with a developmental disabilities, which taught me a lot about helping others. I am finally about to start my last semester of my undergraduate degree in the Bachelor of Social Work program, and I am so excited to actually get out into the field and start working!

2. I Love Plaid and Polka Dots
For some weird reason I am obsessed with plaid and polka dots. I have an amazing polka dot jacket that I am completely in love with. I also have two plaid shirts that look amazing with black jeans. One thing to note about my love for plaid and polka dots: I never, EVER wear them together. 😉
3. I Don’t Drink Coffee
Unless you have been following my blog for a while, you’d know that I’m not an avid coffee drinker. The only time that I drink coffee is when I go to Starbucks or some other overly-priced coffee joint and I order some sort of pompous drink like a gingerbread latte. Otherwise, I usually make myself tea, Earl Grey Tea being my fave along with Jasmine Green Tea. I am trying to drink less tea, but it is just so addictive!

4. I Have Wayyy Too Many Lululemon Pants
Okay I have a confession. I have a slight obsession with lululemon pants. If you don’t know what lululemon pants are, they are the most amazingly comfortable workout/yoga pants in the entire world. I would generally choose to wear lulus over a pair of jeans, and thankfully I’m still a student so I can get away with looking casual on a regular basis. YAY!

5. Hugs Are The Best
What else can I say? I have a quota of hugs to be filled every day. Minimum: 3. Maximum: There’s no maximum. DUH!

6. I Re-Watch Shows and Movies ALL the time
You know how some people watch a tv series and then just move on to the next one? That seems to be the ‘normal’ thing to do, but I love re-watching tv series and movies. I find that I usually see something different the second time round watching it. I have watched season 1 of Orange is The New Black twice, Happy Endings, and parts of United States of Tara twice. I’ve also re-watched each episode of Four Weddings Canada at least twice. What can I say? I have no problems appreciating good TV.

7. I Love Black and White Photos
For some reason I feel that black and white photos reveal more about a person than colour photos do. A black and white photo shows a persons character, while a colour photo shows the person plus their surroundings. I also just love that old fashioned feel of black and white.
8. I Love to Dance
When I was a kid, I used to be really shy and was too self-conscious to take a dance class. Now that I’m older, I’ve learned not to care what others think. It’s one of my favourite ways to work-out, and I love that I get to listen to some of my favourite music while working up an awesome sweat. If I could choose, I would have to say that Zumba is my favourite type of dance. I’m not the greatest at couples dancing, so Zumba is perfect as I don’t have to depend on a partner or worry about messing up the steps and stepping on someone else’s feet. I have also taken a Burlesque class which was amazing, and I’m hoping to take a Pole Dancing Class once my seizures are really well controlled.

9. I Love Bad Jokes and Terrible Puns
I am kinda known for my bad puns, and most people groan at how awful they are. I, on the other hand love bad puns and stupid jokes. It’s just fun to laugh and be a dork. Why would you not want to laugh?It just makes life more fun!

10. I Always Save Room For Dessert
I love going out for dinner. There’s someone making food for me, and I can just relax with my friends/boyfriend while I ask the waiter for more water and anticipate the arrival of my meal. I’m not going to lie though, while I’m deciding on my meal, I always scope out the dessert menu to see if there is an amazing chocolate cake or brownie sundae on it. Sometimes a girl’s just gotta save room for some sweets. 😉

There ya go! Hope you enjoyed the Random Facts about me! Your turn! What are ten random facts about you? Love you lots! xox

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