I’ve Tapped into My Power- Have You?

awesome girl in carSeveral years ago, I saw a counsellor during the summer after my first year of university. We talked about my body insecurities, the stress of university, and the parts of me that I was still trying to figure out. As the summer came to an end and our sessions came to a close, we had our very last session. We reviewed what we had done, and I told him in pure truth that our sessions had been helpful. Then at the end of the session, my counsellor turned to me and said, “Sita, I wish you could just tap into your power”. I stared at him blankly, and ever since then I have wondered what he meant by “tapping into my power”. What a weird thing to say after a summer of counselling sessions.

Fast-forward to five years later: Today I went to the bank to open a savings account for when I graduate university this coming spring. Realistically speaking, I probably won’t find a job right away, so I want some money tucked away for my future. After the appointment at the bank I went to a coffee shop for a cheap latte and to re-read my favourite book for the umpteenth time. While flipping through the pages of my decrepit paperback, it dawned on me: I was making the steps for an independent future, and I was being the driver of my own life.I was connecting to my own power!!! I wasn’t letting anyone else take the wheel of my life, as I know exactly what I want and I have figured out a plan to get there. Since I have grown attached to the city and people where my university is, I don’t plan to move back home with my parents. If I wasn’t the driver of my own life, I would just move home without trying to devise a plan to stay. I know where I feel my richest and happiest, so I am letting my heart speak to me and tell me what it needs. Finally! This is what it means to tap into your own power. Acknowledging your strengths, as well as recognizing that you are a confident and competent individual.

I can’t believe it has taken almost five years, but I finally understand what that counsellor said, so many years ago. I recognize that my success is not something that comes to only other people. It can and will come to me too! I’ve also realized that the smallest words can have the biggest impact, and as a future Social Worker, this gives me hope that I can inspire and empower future clients for the better. If I could, I would tell this social worker that he forever changed how I view my own capacity in my life, and that I can achieve amazing things.

Now it’s your turn. What words have inspired and encouraged you? Who has encouraged you to find your strengths? I wanna hear! Lots of love! xox

One thought on “I’ve Tapped into My Power- Have You?

  1. I follow your blog because I am interested in how mature people live with this illness. Our daughter was diagnosed with Infantile Spasms and complex partials at 12 weeks old. Seizures will probably be a part of her life in the future despite the heroic measures we have taken to put the epilepsy into remission.

    Our first epi told us and I quote, “You need to mourn the loss of your normal child. ….you need to prepare your marriage, as 90% fail in this environment.” It was devastating.

    Our next appointment, after starting ACTH therapy and another VEEG, she said, “… she might have cortical dysplasia. And, she might benefit from from a hemispherectomy or a TPO resection. If she is a candidate, it is time to open the champagne.”

    Two years later…. the journey has played out just as she suggested only 10 days into our journey. Surreal, is the word that comes to mind when I stop and reflect. And, she is seizure free for nearly 10 months now, with a completely different life ahead of her than what was estimated at the beginning of this journey.

    The incredibly short amount of time I spent with that particular doctor changed my take on life. I knew nothing about epilepsy before then. Now, I could give a college level lecture about many different aspects of epilepsy.

    My life has transformed from one of COO of an aerospace gear manufacturer to one of stay-at-home-dad, leading Savanna’s care. What a change. When I think back on my life to this point, the last couple of years I have changed profoundly. I have found untapped strength I didn’t know existed within myself as a father, husband, and man.


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