I Have Something Terrible to Confess. You’re Not Going to Believe it.

2892063689_e6c2abd2a2_zOkay, I have something that I need to confess. It’s not easy, but I know that this blog is a #safe space. Yes, I just used a hastag in a post. But it’s my confession so I can use whichever words I choose. Okay….here goes. I am addicted to coffee shops. I have my favourite drinks at the coffee shops I go to. Some places are better for their fancy drinks, while others are better for the tea and lattes. Wanna hang out? Coffee shop please. Need to get some work done? Coffee shop is coming up! There is something so endearing about a coffee shop. It usually has a positive atmosphere with friendly smiles, asking me my name so they can label the coffee cup correctly. Albeit, I’m sure these baristas are paid to look friendly, but a smile in the morning, noon or evening is always a nice touch to the day.

coffee beans loveYou know what the ironic part of this whole story? I don’t even like coffee. Yes, there you have it my friends. I love coffee shops but don’t drink coffee. Yeah, maybe there is something wrong with me, but regular old coffee makes me all jittery and I feel more like I am going to have a seizure. Yikes. Not cool, coffee, not cool. So instead of coffee I will sometimes have a green tea latte, hazelnut latte, and in the warmer weather a shaken iced tea. I make it my mission to get through every flavour of shaken iced tea- pomegranate, blackberry, lychee, mango, and coconut. I just need to try something different every time. Same with the lattes. During the holidays I make it my personal mission to get through every different type of holiday drink. This includes, but is definitely limited to- Gingerbread lattes, Candy Cane lattes, and Smores hot chocolate. I’m not going to lie, but gingerbread lattes are my favourite Christmas latte at most coffee shops. It is sweet and subtle, yet so, so satisfying. I cannot forget the Pumpkin Spiced lattee, which is a hallmark of the beginning of fall. If I could, every friend hang out would compose of this: chat in a coffee shop for an hour or so, and then wander around in the beautiful sunshine. It would be perfect. Especially in the coffee shop that isn’t overcrowded or unncessarily loud. It would be the coffee shop that has enough business but you don’t feel bad about sitting there for an hour or two.

SO, that is my confession. I LOVE coffee shops, despite not even drinking straight up coffee.  Lattes are basically milky, flavoured coffee, which is something I can handle. Who could say no to a delicious caffeinated beverage?? Not I, my friends. Not I.

I hope I did not offend anyone with my use of the word ‘addicted’. I apologize in advance!

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