We Really Need to Be Nicer to Ourselves

67299-Too+late+love+quotesHey guys! Sorry I’ve been a little MIA, I’ve just been busy with other things.Last week I had a very deep and meaningful conversation with a friend who I haven’t seen in a year. This is a friend who contemplates the world, has a thirst for adventure and connections with new people. Since I have known him for 5 years, it was easy to dive back into conversation, just like old times. We know how to speak to each other on a vulnerable level, and we trust that all emotions are seen as simply that: emotions.

Our conversation slowly came to the topic of “we need to be nicer to ourselves”. It is so easy to get into a mode of self- deprecation, and that everyone else around us is stronger, smarter, and more pretty or handsome. We also noted that people don’t take the time to tell one another how much they appreciate, care and love them. Why waste your whole life never telling your friends and family what you love about them? It seems so pointless to wait to state a person’s wonderful qualities once they are gone, because they can no longer hear about the impact that they have had on the people in their lives.

So, true to that way of thinking, I told my friend how I so admired his spontaneity, adventure, and thirst for learning new things and meeting new people, despite the potential challenges. He also gave me sentiments of how he admired my strength and caring for other people. His words truly touched my heart.

The take away message from all this is quite simple: we need to tell our friends and family the qualities that we appreciate in them. In turn, we need to see our own strengths and be sure to add them to our inner self-dialogue. It sounds easy, but pick one quality you really love about yourself, such as “I am a good listener”. In addition to having positive reinforcements from your friends and family, you will have them from yourself-which is the most important of all.

Hope all of you are well!! Love you lots! xox

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