Why Self-Acceptance is Your Ticket to Success

Hey Everyone! Sorry about being MIA- I have been all over the map (literally!) I am finally back in my own digs with my little doggy and I couldn’t be happier about that! Today’s post is about self-acceptance. I think it’s something that everyone needs to work on. Enjoy!

daily-motivational-quotes-13I won’t lie. I have been pissed off about having seizures before. It has made me angry that I have had to move away from a life full of many friends back to living with my parents, that I have had to miss major milestones of my friends, such as weddings and other big events. I’ve thought about this, and when I was chewing on that thought I realized something super important: everyone has something that they have to deal with in their lives. It may not be seizures but it’s something. Also, I don’t need to let my seizures be the ball and chain to tie me down to an unsatisfactory life. In fact, if I accept it and figure out ways to live while accommodating my needs, I can live a pretty damn good life.

Okay so I may not love living with epilepsy but it’s a tiny part of who I am and I just need to accept it. I am NOT my Epilepsy. It is just a medical diagnosis.  I have so much to contribute to the world, and the epilepsy is only a tiny part of what I have to deal with. I am generally pretty functional on a regular basis except when I have a bad bout of seizures. So by accepting my Epilepsy as part of my reality, I will be able to achieve my goals and do what I want to do. It has not been super easy accepting epilepsy as part of my reality; in fact I have ignored it as a problem and tried to live regularly when that was just not safe. But now I think I see the bigger picture. Despite the fact that I may have some “work arounds” that I need to think about that in order to get to my success,  I will be much more productive if I accept Epilepsy and my own limitations as part of my reality instead of sitting around being pissed off.

lao tzuRight now I am working on the vision for my future. What do I want it to look like? How can I make that happen despite the accommodations that I need to make for the seizures? Who will be part of my vision? Do you have a vision for your future despite something such as a medical condition or mental health issue that makes it difficult to live a “normal” life? I would challenge you to think about what you have to contribute to the world, and how you could make that happen. I believe everyone has something positive to contribute, just some (such as myself!) need a little extra help to get that going. Just remember- you are NOT your condition! You are much more than that!

Love you all! xox


4 thoughts on “Why Self-Acceptance is Your Ticket to Success

  1. Thank you for this reminder =) It was strong words coming from someone sharing my condition. Our steps can feel very small compared to others but every effort counts. Everyone truly has their own challenges to face. Keep up your great work =)

      1. Absolutely! As Dodinsky put it, “Our struggles can either build chains to enslave us, or provide lessons to ensemble a character with purpose”

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