Let Me Tell You About The Best Day of My Life

joyousAh. The best day in one’s life. It is hard to narrow down. If you ask Moms they will generally say when they gave birth. If you ask newlyweds they will say The Best Day of their Life was their wedding. But I am neither a Mom or a newlywed, so I have a bit of a different answer.

When I tell most people what The Best Day in My Life was, they are often surprised. It doesn’t seem like something that one would put on the Top 3 List. But alas, The Best Day in My Life was my convocation (graduation for university). I was receiving my Bachelor’s in Social Work with a minor in Women’s and Gender Studies. Wait, was it a Masters degree? Nope! Even a PhD? Nope! Did I win any awards? Nope, so this is why people are often so sceptical.

My convocation was the best day in my life for one big reason. I made it through my undergraduate degree, despite the fact that in my final semester I had a terrible injury due to a seizure which made working at the library (or working at all!) very challenging due to the pain of the accident. Thankfully, I have a computer desk (basically a hard top with a soft cushion that you can use in bed) so I lay in bed with my laptop on my lap, typing furiously away. It’s kind of ironic actually, because I was also an academic mentor during that semester, and I told my students that it is not useful to work in bed. I didn’t bother to mention that I didn’t adhere to that rule.

happy balloonsOn the day of my Convocation my excitement was high and I couldn’t believe it was finally happening! I wanted to look my best (call me vain) so I booked a hair styling appointment weeks in advance. The height of my excitement didn’t help, because sometimes extreme emotions (such as excitement or depression) can trigger seizures. I don’t really remember super clearly how it started, but I was waiting in line with my peers, waiting to be called into the convocation ceremony and boom! Suddenly I was outside sitting on a rock talking to a person from the registrar’s office. Thankfully my  Mom and  friends were quick to figure things out and dashed to find where I was. I said I wanted to go into the ceremony, despite the fact that I wouldn’t be able to sit with my peers. According to my friends, the seizures continued throughout the ceremony so I sat backstage with a friend, so I could walk across the stage when my department was called.

When it came close to walking across the stage there were many concerns. Would I fall and hurt myself while walking across the stage? Should someone accompany me? Did I want to be in a wheelchair? I said No, No No! I earned it and I wanted to be on the stage, just me, myself and I. So finally I got in line to go across, and when the announcer called my name I stood on the stage for a full 10 seconds (which is long at these events!) while I heard my friends and Mom cheering from the audience. It was a pure 10 seconds of bliss.

I had finally made it, through all my trials and tribulations. All the seizures during the convocation and beforehand. Even though I had injured myself I still pushed through. This experience has taught me that I can do anything, if I just put my mind to it. It has also taught me that I have an amazing family and friends, as they supported me (and continue to support me) throughout this journey.

pugSo even though The Best Day of my Life was riddles with seizures, that doesn’t matter to me. I had reached a HUGE milestone and was finally going to be taking the next step in my life.

What was The Best Day in Your Life? What is your Ideal best day? I wanna know!

Lots of love xox

5 thoughts on “Let Me Tell You About The Best Day of My Life

  1. When I was younger, one of my best days was my day for brain surgery. That day felt like a chance to take a big step forward and give me experience to leave my seizures behind. It did not end up being a day for cure but it was a day for me to grow as a person. All big days are days when I know I am moving forward despite having seizures.

    1. I totally agree Astrid! All days are big days too when you are moving towards a more fulfilling life, seizure or not. Thanks for sharing your story on one of the best days in your life!

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