International Epilepsy Awareness Day is THIS Monday!

epilepsy-awarenessHey Everyone! Thanks to an amazing advocate in the Epilepsy community, I found out this info today:

Hey friends! I wanted to remind that the first EVER International Epilepsy Day is happening this coming Monday (February 9th) around the world.

We are partnering with the International Bureau for Epilepsy (IBE) to raise awareness everywhere and we are asking as many people as possible to join us with a social media campaign.

It’s easy to take part: Print out the attachment (or make your own sign with‪#‎EpilepsyDay‬ on it), take a selfie or picture in your town or city and write where you’re from. Post it on your social media pages, make sure you hashtag #epilepsyday and share, share, share. You can just send the photo back to me and I’ll post it on our social media pages.  And remember your friends, family and co-workers can participate, too! Anyone can raise awareness!!

I suffer from Epilepsy myself but did you know that over 65 million people in the world have Epilepsy (that’s double those living with HIV and AIDS) and yet so many people don’t know what it is or have misconceptions about the disorder. In developing regions the stigma and fears related to the disorder are heartbreaking and debilitating. Awareness and education are the key!

7 thoughts on “International Epilepsy Awareness Day is THIS Monday!

  1. My nane is Debi Harmon Ference .Ive had brain surgery 20 years ago.Seizute free 19.Ive wrote a book Amazing Debi my secret before and after brain surgery for epilepsy .Its went global I also wrote the Mayor in Toledo Ohio she has made November Epilepsy Awareness Month! I speech to people about epilepsy .

  2. For all the amazing children and adults living with epilepsy you have magnificent courage, resilience and creativity, keep hope alive and follow your dream.

  3. This is Amazing Debi I woukd also like to say that my book has been put in my hometown Library in Monroe County and has been ordered for the Library’s in Toledo Ohio. Please check out my website if you haven’t already. My book was wrote to help everyone thats why I wanted it in the Library. This way if you can afford to buy it you can get it there . Some day I would love to meet you and be able to give them to people free ! Anything is possible Amazing Debi

    1. Hey Amazing Debi! That is wonderful! Everyone tells me I should write a book, so one day maybe that will happen! Love your attitude towards life! Tis wonderful!

      1. Thank you I truly want people to realize how much we go threw with epilepsy! And I want people to realize its a illness.Not to be ashamed of it the way I was ! I will make a difference!

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