I Had 2 Seizures in the Same Starbucks and This is What Happened

Hello!Hey friends. So I have yet another story to share. You know my affinity for coffeeshops, so of course this story takes place in a Starbucks. (I’m from the West Coast, everyone drinks Starbucks here! It’s practically in our veins.) Last month, I had a seizure in the local Starbucks near my home. I was working, and ended up falling out of my chair and hit my head on the wall. The Starbucks manager was very concerned and wanted me to go to the hospital to get my head checked out. I said no worries, and that I was totally okay. He was still worried though and even talked to my Mom on the phone. My work day came quickly to a close and my Dad picked me up.

I had a second seizure in the same Starbucks, maybe a couple weeks later. I was with my mom and we were sitting out on the patio with our little dog because it was a beautiful day. I had ordered our drinks for us, and I carefully placed them on the table, one by one. As soon as I sat in my chair I started to seize and my mom yelled to the man sitting behind me “Catch her! She’s going to fall!” Thank god he caught me, or else I would have fallen and my face would have smashed into brick. I’ve already done that so I really, really didn’t need to do it again. The man was so sweet and ¬†even offered to buy me a new drink, but oddly enough our drinks went unscathed during the seizure. We thanked him though and said our drinks were still intact.

The same Manager had my mom fill out an incident report, and then we took a taxi home. I had many more seizures that day- but that’s not part of this story. I didn’t really think about having the seizures in the Starbucks except that I might be recognized as the girl who had the seizures.

About ten days later my Dad got a call from a high up employee of Starbucks to verify the incidents. She understood that I had not one, but two seizures at the same Starbucks. She said the company was going to mail me a Starbucks giftcard, because they did not want me to feel like I was unwelcome in their coffeeshop.

This sounds a little hoaky, but it’s all true. Two seizures, two different times and in the same Starbucks. But it was the gesture that said “Hey, we don’t want you to be intimidated to come back and be here.” really made a difference for me. I am not afraid to go back to that same Starbucks because I know I will be welcome there. This is just a tiny example of what seizure acceptance looks like. Maybe you disagree, I dunno. But if that hadn’t happened I wouldn’t be going to that Starbucks again out of embarrassment and fear of being a hassle.

Hope you’re doing well!

3 thoughts on “I Had 2 Seizures in the Same Starbucks and This is What Happened

  1. So thoughtful of the Starbucks management. I was reading and holding my breath expecting a completely different outcome. I have an 11 yr old with epilesy and worry every day what his future will be like. There are still caring people in this world.

    1. Deidra,
      I can tell you for a fact that there are caring people in this world. I have had people grab me on the bus during a seizure, help me to medical services, and the list goes on and on. There is hope!

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