From the beginning…

Hey friends! One of my dearest friends has a degenerative eye condition…so over time she is going blind. She has been able to relate to me in ways about disability that have kept my spirits high. Please check out her Brand Spankin’ New Blog. I think you will find some wisdom there


Today I saw an ophthalmologist for the first time in over a decade, and it felt like appropriate timing to (finally) settle on a blog name and start a blog that I’ve been humming and hawing about since last summer.  The appointment this morning was a combination of interesting, depressing, and really not surprising.  She explained how RP had affected my left eye, which no doctor had been able to do before, she informed me that I’m developing cataracts (apparently I’m no longer just an old lady at heart!), and her final advice to me was to enjoy my remaining vision while I can.  Although she estimated that I should have some vision until I’m in my 40s, there really is no way to predict the progress of RP.  While none of this information was overly shocking or unexpected, it’s always a wake up call to have a medical professional…

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4 thoughts on “From the beginning…

      1. That’s Great ! I have an “Epilepsy Experience” spot on my blog where people tell their story. Maybe share info/cross blog ? I would be happy to display some links to other blogs on my blog.
        Be good if it was a 50/50 split.
        Have any idea’s yourself ?


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