Let me Tell You About Having a Seizure on a Second Date

adorable coupleThis past Sunday I was super excited for a second date. He had planned it all, and we were going to a Japanese Tapas bar. It was super loud inside the restaurant, but we managed to make conversation. We ordered about 5 dishes and he even paid for the whole thing! This surprised me, because I was totally happy to “Go Dutch” and split the bill 50/50.

Of course it was raining, so we decided to walk around downtown in the rain. We reached the waterfront, and it was almost pitch black with these tiny lights placed all in a row to help us guide our way. My eyes went blurry a couple of times, but I told them “No! You’re not going blurry!” and then they went back into focus again. I figured it was just mind over matter. Who was I kidding? I could control my blurred vision, if even for a few moments.

holding handsWe walked up a walk way, and while we were talking about something minute and nothing too important- BAM! I was unconscious and I had had a seizure. It wasn’t a gentle fall- I had face planted on to the pavement. I had told my date about my Epilepsy, and what to do in the event of a seizure, but neither of us had anticipated that I would actually have one during one of our dates. I honestly can’t remember how long I was out of it, but when I ‘came to’ (a phrase used to say basically coming out of a seizure) I remembered where I was and who I was with. Thank god. I have had seizures where I didn’t remember where I was or who I was with, so that was a relief.

I embarrassedly explained to my date that sometimes I just fall over during a seizure. It’s just something that happens! He was completely freaked out, but remembered the seizure first aid that I had previously taught him so he remembered to keep calm, which helped a lot. That makes no sense, but he was calm, while simultaneously being freaked out.

We walked towards the subway station and before I left to go home he said “I don’t see a third date happening. I don’t see this going anywhere.” NOW. That’s fine, because I hate wasting my time. However, it’s hard not to attribute his fear of my seizures to his interest in me. I keep telling myself “Sita, your seizure has nothing to do with this, and even if it does, you don’t want someone like that in your life”. Even though my rational mind knows this, my emotional mind doesn’t, so I need my wise mind to step in and mediate between all of these feelings.

When I got home I didn’t feel right. I felt seizure-y and nauseous so my mom took me to emergency to check that I didn’t have a concussion or any internal bleeding. Thank god I have neither. I must have one strong head because I smashed it on pavement, but there was no concussion or internal bleeding!  I was also wearing my protective helmet under my hat, so that must have helped to protect the fall. Unfortunately, my head still hurts, and  I spent all of Monday in bed due to head pains. Hopefully they will improve  during the week.

If you are going on a blind date and have seizures, I really recommend that you tell your date that you have seizures. If they aren’t cool with it, they you don’t need them in your life. If they are, then that’s great and then they will know what to do in the event of a seizure. Also! Teach them seizure first aid! It takes less than 5 minutes and it can be extremely helpful.

Dating with uncontrollled seizures is a bit of a nightmare, but if you are in this situation and you want a partner, don’t give up. The right person will come along. I promise.

Love you lots!! xox


Purple Day is THIS Thursday!!

486159_10151409034503505_1701220039_nHey friends! Please remember, Purple Day  is THIS March 26, to help raise awareness about Epilepsy. Please wear something purple, do something crazy, or do something to help educate yourself about Epilepsy! I am going to a talk that is put on my Epilepsy Society in my area, As for the crazy purple costumes…I’m thinking about it ;).

Hope you’re all well!! Keep fighting the good fight! xox

Guest Blog! Bryce from Positive Epilepsy

Hey friends! I am super excited to share with you the story of Bryce, of http://www.positiveepilepsy.com/ who has agreed to share his story on Life at Full Volume! How cool is that?!  Bryce is a very positive stay at home dad and works hard to take care of his two children. He also aspires to someday work out of his home. He is all the way in New Zealand which just shows me how big the Epilepsy community truly is. Everyone with Epilepsy that I have come across are seemingly positive, and want to make a difference in some way.

This is Bryce’s story:


BryceMy name is Bryce . Due to my Complex Partial Epilepsy, I am a Stay At Home Dad to my 2 Children.I am also happily married.

I am very involved with the NZ Epilepsy Foundation which is really exciting. Our goal is to get people with Epilepsy in New Zealand together as a group .http://epilepsyfoundation.org.nz/     (NZ Epilepsy Foundation)

There is no need to be shy. So, life is what you make it. I am always excited and try to stay positive. Epilepsy has added to my motivation. My Epilepsy started at puberty, which at this stage is about 20 years old. I do get frustrated with my Epilepsy, but I always remember that things could be a lot worse. I always think that I have 2 legs and 2 arms. I know people with physical disabilities live fulfilling lives, but I feel that it would be horrible without them !!

I have about 2-3 seizures a month. Over the last 15 months, I have had 3 occasions where I have gone 30 days seizure free, so that’s something to be excited about. Lets hope its leading to more improvements in the future. My seizures are often brought on by Stress or Emotions. I studied Landscape Design, but due to Epilepsy I have never been able to hold a drivers license which cuts back some employment possibilities.

So, I walk everywhere. One thing about it is it keeps you reasonably fit and healthy. When you look for employment, most employers want someone who can drive, and many are frightened of the word Epilepsy. That’s pretty sad. The general public have a real lack of understanding. I may look to do more tertiary studies at some stage.

If I did it may be in the area of I.T / Website Design. I would also like to work with Epilepsy.

My goal is to earn an income from home. I do love been at home with my children, but I don’t understand how some people don’t see having children as part of their future. But in saying that, there are times of boredom. This is due to not been able to do a lot, go anywhere. If only
I could drive. I sometimes wonder how others would feel if they had no license
for a month or so.

But, nevermind. As I said. Let’s have Epilepsy add to our motivation. The future is very exciting. Bring it one.

OUR ASPIRATIONS ARE OUR POSSIBILITIES !!I truly thank Bryce for his positivity, and since I am a  young twenty something year old he is an example of how people can live with Epilepsy and still live a fulfilling life. Thank you Bryce for your motivation and positive attitude!! Feel free to check out his blog a http://www.positiveepilepsy.com/ Check out Bryce’s blog, and maybe you can relate to his experiences? Also, stay tuned: I will be a guest blogger on his site soon!

Keep fighting the good fight! xox
Love you all! xox

Indulge in Guilty Pleasures

"Smurfs 2" - Los Angeles Premiere - ArrivalsHey Friends! So I woke up feeling UGG (ahaha like the boots, get it? K never mind). because I had a seizure while I was waking up.

SO although I feel no guilt doing this, but I decided to listen to some pop music while doing my hair. Do I like Katy Perry? Yep! Let’s listen to some of her. Ok. bring in the cheese!

I heard Katy Perry’s “Roar” way too many times to count in my final year of uni. Here goes:

How I’ve Learned That I’m Never Really Alone


Hey friends. Okay I am going to be brutally honest. This week has been rough. I found myself in bed on Monday feeling so depressed that I needed to talk to someone. Of course, this depression washes over me at the most inconvenient of times. It was 12:30am where I was, and some of my best friends were in another province and in a deep slumber at 3:30 in the morning. There was no the fuck way I was going to call them that late.
So I thought. My parents were asleep (and I am sure they would have talked to me), yet  I didn’t want to wake them. I thought of who I could call in my area that wouldn’t mind talking to me so late.

One of my bestest friends currently has a very bad cold and an ear infection. I felt so bad about calling her, but I knew she would understand. We talked for maybe over half an hour, and she told me that I could call her at any time. No matter where she was, and if she got a missed call from me while she was working, she would message me right away.

Feeling less alone when you are trying to pull yourself out of mental health issues (ie depression) helps soooo much.If you are ever in that situation, try to think of a friend you can call, or your area’s crisis line. Thank you, dear friend. You are helping to pull me out of the quicksand that is depression. With Epilepsy, I am at a higher risk of developing mental health issues (just a fact, not playing the victim card) so I really appreciate all the support I get.

Please, please please keep my story in mind if you find  yourself in a tough position.

Love you all! Keep fighting the fight! xox