Lessons From The Mat: What I’ve Learned from My Yoga Practice

Hey friends!! Hope you’re doing well.

tree-pose-yogaSo, just to mix things up, I thought I would talk about my current yoga practice. I’ve had a hard time doing yoga and sticking with it. I have done it on and off for several years, but there was something about it that just didn’t jive with me. I would feel judged by teachers and that my body wasn’t doing “what it was supposed to.”

Recently though, a yoga/pilates/dance studio opened up close to where I live. I love the environment of going to a workout class, because it almost feels like a little family. Most importantly though, I felt that the yoga instructor was super supportive, and non judgmental of my abilities to do the poses. If I happened to tumble out of a pose she would say “Hey, that’s contemporary dance!”

shoulder standI have always brought so much judgment towards myself when it came to yoga, because I felt I had to do all the poses perfectly. (That’s the good old perfectionism kicking in). At the beginning of each class though, we set an intention for what we want for ourselves during the class. Throughout my new found love for yoga, I set the intention of “Not being judgmental towards myself and I don’t need to be perfect.”

It is amazing how setting these intentions for my practice as well as the meditation (savasana) have helped my mental health, as well as my seizures. Since doing yoga, my seizure have been relatively under control, and I feel like the happier, springier person that I normally am. Additionally, setting the intention of “not setting any judgment towards myself” has really helped my every day thoughts and day-to-day life.

I am so happy that I was able to find a yoga instructor that worked well with me. It would be so sad to miss out on what everyone seems to be practicing these days.

Have you tried yoga?? I really recommend you do if you are able!

Lots of love xox

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