That Awkward Moment When People Ask Me What I do for Work


Hey friends! How are you doing?? I hope you have sunny weather, depending on where you are in the world. It has definitely been heating up where I am.

So, whatever your disability is, I am sure you can relate to this in some respect. I am currently not working, and wherever I go people ask me what I do for my job. Why, people, why?! Why are we so obsessed about work and jobs? I guess it’s because we spend five days a week, 40 hours (or more! Or less, depending on whether it’s full time or part time) at our jobs. Our jobs sometimes become our lives. We can become immersed in our work.

I can get that. People go into their professions and are highly passionate about it. I have friends who are in an interesting melange of professions: IT, Social Work, Counselling, Environmental Engineering, Midwifery, Business and so on and so forth. I don’t think my friends just stumbled on to their professions and decided to roll with it. They found something amazing and interesting about that profession that made them want to pursue a career in it. I totally believe that having passion for your work (whatever it is!) is key for enjoying it, and constantly challenging yourself. So, since I am not quite healthy enough to work full time, it can be awkward in these social situations. I have thought long and hard about what to say when someone says “What do you do??”

I tell them I am working towards a Masters in Social Work, and would ultimately like to work with individuals with disabilities. I tell them about my interest in Women and Gender Studies. It is not something I am doing right now, but they are all truths. I will be better, so I will be able to fulfill these dreams and goals. This isn’t wishful thinking, honey. I am already getting better! My resilience has gotten me far, as well as my sheer determination to never give up.

So will I have another awkward conversation like this again? Probably. Is that okay? Absolutely. It’s only awkward if you make it so.

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