Dear Seizures: You Get in The Way of My Life

Dear Seizures,
I just thought I should write you a letter about our relationship. Hey guess what? It’s not working for me, and it never will work for me. I get it, you’re more tame these days, which I totally appreciate. I don’t like your temper, or when you go crazy on me. Can we try to keep consistency in your craziness?? That would be much, much, better. Because of you, I have to be extra careful today and miss my dance class. I have been looking forward to this class since well….a long time. Did you know seizures that if I went to a dance class and you decided to make an appearance I could hit my head, break a tooth, or sprain an ankle, just to name a few. Do you know how mean of you that is?? Causing injury on to people? That’s not proper behavior. Get your shit together and then maybe we can talk.


I cant adult today

One thought on “Dear Seizures: You Get in The Way of My Life

  1. This is a great letter to help you to remember what you want and reminding your seizures that you want to have the control. Stern communication with our seizures is a great way to remain on the path we desire to be on. Keep up your strength.

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