That Nasty Dawg! Seizures Actually Responded to Me!!!!!!

Dear Sita,

magnificent creatureI apologize greatly for wreaking havoc on your life. It must be so frustrating. I wish I could control the amount of havoc that I wreak on to your life. When I went to the Neurological counter before you were born, they held up your precious little face and I was devastated that I would have to create such chaos on a woman who is so competent and capable.

Try to see me as coming in to your life as little hiccups; life isn’t over sweetheart! If it were, I would march back up to that Neurological counter and demand a refund. I know you want to break up with me, but there are medications that can make us have a quasi-break up. I will always be there, but better controlled.

Hopefully they find a cure for this illness that wreaks chaos on not only you but 65 million people around the world. I wish I could have been the one who wrote “BlackBird” by the Beatles instead, but such is not so.

Please remember that people love you, despite me making life difficult, and the fact that you have to miss yoga class and dance class.

You are loved, despite my presence in your life.

Seizures xox

4 thoughts on “That Nasty Dawg! Seizures Actually Responded to Me!!!!!!

  1. Sita, this is awesome! šŸ™‚ It must be pretty weird to personify epilepsy in this way, but what a very very cool perspective to take. I love this!!!

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