Holy Shoot Things Are Amazing!!

Hey Everyone!! Hope you’re well- seizure wise, work- wise, partner wise.

courtesy of Elephant Journal
courtesy of Elephant Journal

My seizures have dropped dramatically over the past few months and I can confirm that things are improving because my neurologist said things are getting better. My depression is easing off (finally!!) and I have an interview for a volunteer position on Wednesday. The position? To help someone with a head trauma with motivational writing. I got this, guys!! Even though I am not ready to work, volunteering is a good step in the right direction.  Sometimes things don’t work according to “plan”, but maybe the trick of life is to go with the flow and ease through the tough times. You need to be a fighter sometimes (health, in this case), but things do work out!
Holy fart. This is happening guys!

Lots of love xox

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