The Frustration of a Three Day Recovery

Hey guys! Hope you are doing well! Hopefully you’re not working this weekend- or if you are and that’s a good thing then hey, that’s great!

lying on floor

I have been in bed all day recovering from not one, but two falls this week. They were my first major breakthrough seizures in a little while. Today has been discouraging because I thought the collapsing seizures were over. Unfortunately, I got food poisoning on Wednesday which lowered my seizure threshold. Being  ill makes you more susceptible to having a seizure. Not in all cases, but in this case absolutely.

What does it feel like in a post-ictal recovery? Well, if you fall, generally there are bruises, and sore parts. For me, my neck, shoulders and head hurt like none other. I had “cotton brain” where my brain felt like I had a cotton ball rubbed all over it. It’s taken three days to recover so far, and I am not sure if I need more recovery time.

So okay, recovery time isn’t a waste of time but it feels like it is because you are just relaxing, waiting for your brain to calm down so your neurons won’t misfire. It’s just disappointing because I had so many plans for this week and even today, Saturday. It seems as though my brain knows when I have social events planned. It just likes to sneak in and throw everything off.

You see me so much in a positive and optimistic tone, so I just thought it would be authentic to show you my more vulnerable self.

Lots of love! xox

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