Happy Three Year Anniversary to Life at Full Volume!!!

DSC_0532Hey friends! SO as you can see, I have some pretty exciting news to share: today marks the third year anniversary of this blog “Life at Full Volume!“ I can’t believe how I have managed to consistently keep my blog up to date, and the community that has formed around me, based on my different thoughts and ideas. It makes me happy that I may have made even the tiniest morsel of a difference in someone’s life. Maybe a person living with Epilepsy, maybe a parent, spouse or loved one. Throughout these three years, I hope one person said “aha! I am not alone! What I am going through is totally normal too! Sita is going through it herself!” (The boy is also pretty happy about it too!!)

I am not even sure where to start with regards to how I can thank my loyal followers. Just thank you, thank you, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. Taking time out of your busy day to read my blog posts means a lot. You are totally awesome and let’s celebratteeeeee!! Exciting news to come next month!!

Lots of love xox

2 thoughts on “Happy Three Year Anniversary to Life at Full Volume!!!

  1. Well Done Sita !! If I’m still going in a couple of years time I’ll be a happy man. Yes, I’m sure reading your blog helps quite a few people. It’s always good to see that we are not alone with Epilepsy.

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