The Dichotomy of Struggling Versus Suffering

Hey friends Happy Halloween. I hope you have fun doing whatever you are doing. It is my mum’s birthday, so we are having a small party for her which is nice. Last Halloween I was in the hospital puking my guts out due to a brain surgery.

Today I want to talk about the dichotomy of struggling with Epilepsy versus suffering with it. When I think about it, when you say that you struggle with Epilepsy, you make yourself the protagonist of your own life. You are still front and centre, but the Epilepsy does not rule your entire world. When you say that you suffer from it, it makes the Epilepsy the protagonist in your life and you are the second character. You have no say in what goes on because the protagonist dictates everything that happens in your life. I know that people have different points of view when it comes to the whole struggle versus suffer debate. Some people like to say suffer and who am I to argue with that? Some people like to say they struggle with it, and I like to say that because it means that Epilepsy hasn’t ruined my life. It makes it difficult, and I have hard days sometimes but I still have hopes and dreams for the future which could still be tangible! Hehe so long as my brain co-operates. I want to have a family, or at least get married. I want to work even part time. I have learned that I need to think in terms of a big picture, and if I cannot work 40 hours a week it doesn’t mean that I don’t have other options. I need to be creative and think outside the box. I still need ongoing support for my Epilepsy, but I do not see why I can’t succeed in other ways. Throwing my hands up in the air and say I give up is not an option.

Where do you fall on the struggle versus suffer debate? Do you feel you struggle or suffer? Or maybe are you a bit ambivalent?

6 thoughts on “The Dichotomy of Struggling Versus Suffering

  1. Great words! Our perspective and belief becomes our reality so if we choose to say that we suffer, then that is what it will be for us. If we choose to find gifts in all situations and believe that our experience is meant for our person, we will become one with our experience and be open to all that it offers.

  2. It depends on the day for me. Yesterday it would have been “suffer”. Today is more like “struggle”. Changing medication right now – once again- and I feel this is always a struggle, having my body getting used to the new drug, getting over the initial side effects and hoping this will be the one medication to finally help me and will get me back to work.
    Love from Germany!

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