Seizures During the Holiday Season


Hey everyone! If you haven’t noticed, I have officially purchased a domain name. is now my blog URL!!

I was recently told that I was selected for TedxStanleyPark in May 2016 which is SUPER exciting!! I am elated that I have been given this opportunity. More updates as the time comes closer though 😉

Let’s be real and talk about the tough stuff. I LOVE the holidays. I love the cheer, merriness, plus who are we kidding- FOOD that comes along with it. But with all of this comes a ton of socializing, late nights, and sometimes missed meds.

I have found it to be very tiring with all of this holiday stuff- just because I am usually tired all of the time. I need tons of extra rest to prevent seizures in the future. Sadly, I am not the greatest at getting rest, so I have had some bad seizures in the past few days. Boo.

My tips for you during this holiday season would be:

1. Get tons of sleep! Sleep whenever possible- if even a 20 minute power nap.
2. Go easy on the booze. We all know that alcohol can lower your seizure threshold.
3. Be extra vigilant with medications- with so much going on it is easy to forget.
4. Reach out to someone if you are feeling overwhelmed. Sometimes just talking it out helps a lot.
5. Know when to say no! It is so fun to socialize and party, but if you are actually really tired- just say no. If you have good friends they will understand.
6. Lastly think about some new years goals regarding your health that could be put in place. You might just surprise yourself!

Lots of love! xox

4 thoughts on “Seizures During the Holiday Season

    1. Thank you Jackie! haha yes excellent point- I am good at giving advice but I need to remember it myself. I hope to follow my own advice too and make new year’s health goals!

  1. Thank you, Sita! I’ll keep these tips in mind for the new year, too. I have to admit that this year was rough for me, and I just found out why. I had a full work up and mri, and they found some scar tissue build up on my right temporal lobe. On new meds. Hopefully I can get this under control to avoid surgery. Hopeful.

    1. I am crossing my fingers for you Rebecka!! I hope the new meds work and you don’t need surgery! Yeah seizures can definitely be tough, but remember you have epilepsy and it doesn’t have you!

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