Do We Find Joy Through Gratitude?

Hey friends. I have had a shitty week so we are not talking about my Epilepsy. I was grateful though because I randomly was invited out with a friend to an event, so that was fun. Meeting new people is usually a positive experience for me.

thank-you-gratitude.jpgToday I was reading Brene Brown’s most recent book, “Rising Strong”. It didn’t necessarily have anything to do with gratitude, but it made me think about what it is and if it contributes to joy. My first question is, what is joy? I feel like joy is a complex idea with many factors that contribute to it. Today though I want to think about it’s relationship with gratitude.

I try to be as grateful whenever possible. It is so weird what you can be thankful for. When I was taking the bus home, I was so grateful that one of the creepy men didn’t come and sit next to me. I look a little young for  my age so I think that makes me an easy prey. On another note, I am SO thankful for my mum, even if it might not be expressed as much as I would like. She took me to the doctor’s, the disability office, and waited while I got some blood work. What kind of mom is so patient? Even given that I was furious that only certain medical equipment is on their list, and one thing I need are suffocating free pillows in case I am face down and have a seizure. It made me so angry to feel like my Epilepsy isn’t seen as a real problem. But do you know what my mom said? With the passion that you expressed about Epilepsy and people with Epilepsy’s needs, I can tell you would be a great Epilepsy advocate.. She did not shame me. She showed me my positive attributes. This lead to great happiness and that I was still worth 110% to her.

Thank you Mom. I love you so much!

lots of love xox

PS I guess I ended up talking about seizures! HAH!

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