Yoga, Some Chocolate, and a Downpour

Hey friends,


This neatly ties up what my evening was like. It was a beautiful evening to start: I did two different yoga classes, and one was brand new to me. I realize now that I wasn’t being harsh or judging myself for not understanding how to get into some of the poses. I just went with the flow, as one would say. At the end of the class my foot might have been sore, my hips open, but there was a gratitude that my body was telling me. If I had the energy, I would have stayed for Zumba after, but I needed to get home.
I had that hankering for chocolate, and even though one of the members of the studio dropped off a huge bowl of chocolate to celebrate International Women’s day (March 8), I wanted some goodies for myself.
Off I trekked to the Pharmacy, and preyed for a few short seconds that my card wouldn’t be declined.  I then sauntered home in the pouring rain. (Chocolate in hand!)
It was very soothing, albeit wet to walk home in the rain. I often feel more at one with myself in the rain.

Love you all xox

2 thoughts on “Yoga, Some Chocolate, and a Downpour

  1. Sounds like a perfect evening!
    I know what you mean about the card being declined. Why is it we feel ashamed to treat ourselves with what little money we make? My book a month is my special treat.
    PS. Sometimes I have gone outside just to stand in the rain. 🙂

  2. What a loving way to spend your evening, GIVING & NOURISHING yourself Sita!! Love to hear this and delighted you shared your blissful experiences with us. As Women especially, our learning and GIFT is self love. To fill up our own cup and expand our internal vibration so we are shining SO VERY BRIGHT we not only almost blind other (ha ha!), we most importantly feel all warm and gushy inside of us!

    To inspire your wonderful viewers, enjoy my video blog “Reset Your Energy Vibe to Attract in More of What You Want”

    Love you girl, Colleen xoxo

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