A Concussion, Some tea and Audiobooks

12034454_1107149929436203_6098129821721683337_oHey friends how have you been?? I have bad news and good news. The bad news is that I got a concussion on Saturday night from slamming my head onto the pavement not once, but twice. OWCH. The paramedics thought I had broken my neck but thankfully I didn’t. Whew! I have been taking it easy, so that means drinking herbal tea and listening to audio books. Hehe I got the most floofy romantic novels I could find so I keep falling asleep! I keep losing track of where I am in the book hehe.
I am a bit stressed because I have a busy weekend, but I am definitely on the mend, which is great.

Have you ever had a concussion? What did you do?

Love you lots xox

P.S This artwork is not mine. Courtesy of Thelatestkate.

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