Applying for a Seizure Dog!?

Morgan-small.jpgI have some SUPER exciting news! I have decided to apply for a Seizure Dog! I have given it a lot of thought, and *if* I am approved, I think it will give me a lot more independence. A seizure dog is trained to block you from walking into the street, block falls, bark for help/press a button to get help, and fetch your phone. Isn’t that amazing? I have no auras for my seizures, so I could go down in the snap of a finger. This, is of course dependent on my stress and sleep levels. Those are my responsibility to monitor, regardless of a Seizure dog or not.

I have thought it would be useful too, because despite chronic seizures, I look super able-bodied and that I don’t have any form of disability. Having a seizure dog will really help to alert other people that I have a disability and that I could need help at any time. Out of the generosity of The Lions Foundation of Canada have trained many dogs to help people with Epilepsy!

Wish me luck that I am approved for a Seizure Aid dog!!

Love you lots xox

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