Feeling Stuck With My Business

Hey friends,
How are you doing today? I hope you are well, wherever you are in the world.

I am working on my new business, and although I have the help from some very skilled experts, I am personally feeling stuck in the creation of my business.

I don’t have experience in business, so I am coming at everything from a Social Work angle. Although you need failure to succeed, I am not getting at what *exactly* I want to do in a crystal clear way. I did organise my desk, because “a cluttered desk is a cluttered mind”. Let me tell you, having a tidier desk is a lot nicer!! It’s not done, but it’s a process.

I never anticipated becoming an entrepreneur, but after my TedxTalk, I said “HELL YES! You can’t ignore your call to action! (You gotta watch the video to see what the call to action is 😉 )

So, that’s me today. A mumbo jumbo of reidentifying myself, where I am going, and what, essentially do I want to help my clients with Epilepsy feeling.

Hope you’re having an awesome day!
Lots of love xox

4 thoughts on “Feeling Stuck With My Business

      1. You did awesome! There was a perfect balance of humor, information, and emotions. Good luck with your new business!

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