My Worst Experience in a Hospital


Hey friends,

I hope you are having an amazing day. I am writing this post-ictal. Which essentially means I am writing this after having a seizure. If I regret this post later I will just delete it.

This past Monday I was in the Toronto airport, ready to head home. I was feeling confident, and remember taking a small step as I waited to go through security. Suddenly, I blacked out and was taken out of the security line. Two Paramedics were called and they came and checked all of my vitals, which ended up being okay. I was told by Air Canada that I was not fit to fly so I was whisked to the hospital.  I called my friend’s mom- and after the seizure she said I was hysterical when I called. I ended up going to the Etobicoke hospital which is the closest hospital to the Toronto Airport. The Paramedics were amazing, but when I got to the hospital, I was hardly greeted by a rude nurse who mumbled his name. I couldn’t even figure it out for myself as he had turned his name tag around so I couldn’t actually see his name.

The other nurses weren’t great either; they stood around bitching about their clients instead of actually helping them. Some of the medical team did not believe that some of the seizures I had were actually seizures.

When I was on the phone with my mom I remember saying “OH YEAH. MY NURSE? HE’S A TOTAL ASSHOLE!!” Little did I know, he was right there.

Needless to say, the medical staff was useless, it was dirty, and I was miserable. I have been to many hospitals and have come across many nurses, but this was absolutely horrendous.

My friend’s Mom said she would write a letter of complaint? Will I do the same? I am not sure. But all I can say the quality of care was below sub-par.

Do you have any horrible hospital stories? Share with me!

Sita Gaia



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