Update on My Life!!

Hey Friends!
How are you doing these days? I recently got back from a ten day road trip, which was fun and….well long. My medications have been increased (seriously?!) so I spent the entire trip walking around like a Zombie with coffee in hand. I know that people with Epilepsy are not supposed to drink coffee, but we NEED it! I don’t know what I would do without it.

Otherwise I am super happy that it’s Autumn and that  I am back home. I am working on my new business to help coach high school and college students who need help organizing and prioritizing their work. Essentially, these students need some help because they are behind in their work. Academic Coach to the rescue! I finally made some calls and wrote some emails that needed to be done today and I am SO happy that I finally ticked them off my list! I don’t know why I was avoiding it for so long.

I just thought I would give you guys an update on my life.

Lots of love,

Sita Gaia xox

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