Dear Epilepsy: Am I Down Because of You?


Hey Friends,

In the midst of October, as the weather changes and gets cooler, the days are shorter, I feel myself starting to feel less motivated and excited about life. Why is this? Maybe because it’s colder, and less time is spent outside?

I really don’t understand though. I will be very excited and motivated about something before I fall asleep, but in the morning it is hard to wake up and get going. Last night I had exciting plans to coordinate teaching Seizure First Aid with my old high school, and it got to be so late today that the school is closed.

Does my mental health have anything to do with my Epilepsy? Or is it separate? November is a hard month for me because in November of 2014 the Neurological Hospital told me that the results to all the testing I had done was inconclusive. That really sucked and took me a long time to get over it. I know it is not November yet, but it is often the hardest month for me. Ironically, it is also Epilepsy Awareness month! Hah.

So I am not sure if this is a short term thing, or ongoing, but I thought I would tell you where I am at.

Lots of love,
Sita Gaia xox

8 thoughts on “Dear Epilepsy: Am I Down Because of You?

  1. I think seizures and mental health are linked. Only this morning I was talking to my boyfriend about this – I feel like after seizures I get depressed and not because I’m pissed off because I’ve had them (though I am!) but I swear it affects the dopamine levels in my brain or something. I get so down and stressed… which in itself is counter productive as stress gives me seizures. 😔
    It’s hard. I wrote a letter to a God asking for a new brain the other day. I had no idea what I was going to do with it, but it made me feel better!

    1. Aww that’s wonderful!! Yes Seizures and mental health are definitely linked….even if seizures are not active. I feel like seizures scramble up your brain. Take care my friend- good to hear from you!!

  2. Yes… they really do scramble your brain! Sometimes I’ll have a day of absence seizures – just in and out of them all day -it’s like living a jigsaw puzzle life!! Lol
    Look after yourself 😊

  3. Definitely! I was told by both my neurologist that the chances are that my depression and epilepsy are linked. Many anti-epileptic drugs have side-effects of depression too :/

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