I Am Approved for the Vagus Nerve Stimulator!

Hey friends!

vagus-nerve-stimulation-publicTwo weeks ago I had an appointment at one of the nearby hospitals to see if I would be approved for the Vagus Nerve Stimulator!! Guess what?! I am!!  I will be having the surgery in about three months, which I am very hopeful for. Hopefully over time it means that I can reduce my medications which make me so tired. I am sure you know what I mean. Some days I feel like a walking Zombie, so it would be great to feel like a “normal” person again. (Whatever the f*** “normal” is).

I was anticipating that the Vagus Nerve Stimulator would be inserted before the end of this year, but it’s okay that I have to wait. I mean, ideally it would have been inserted by the end of this year and it would start to work. One of the interesting things about the VNS is that it can take some time to see if it is effective at controlling seizures. Unfortunately, after the surgery, only part of it can be taken out. I makes me laugh when I look at the diagtam of someone with a VNS; it makes me feel like a bit of a robot. I guess it means when I take an airplane I will have to carry a letter explaining why I set off the machines.
In the past couple of weeks my seizures have been more active, which is hard to manage. Especially this past week my seizures have been out of control and last Tuesday it felt like someone had stuck needles into my eyeballs on top of the seizures. It has been an intense ride! It is also disappointing because I had to miss an event that my friend bought me a ticket for.

So, that’s where I am at.

Love you lots!
Sita and JoJo xox

8 thoughts on “I Am Approved for the Vagus Nerve Stimulator!

  1. Oh Sita, sounds like this will be very hopeful to assist with getting some control over those debilitating seizures. Sure have my fingers crossed for you and positive thoughts for success.

  2. Fingers crossed here too! You are brave and so positive in your posts! We love you and send all our love…keep us all updated please! Love!

  3. Hi! I can see this is from 2016… I hope you’re adjusting to the VNS… I’ve had mine for over 10 years and was so desperate to get it – so when the funding was agreed I couldn’t believe it! I can honestly say ‘ I know how you feel’. I still need meds but I now have an element of control and can actually lead a fab life! I do hope you’re doing ok with it.. if you have any questions I can certainly help. ps… yes it can hurt your throat but i promise you adjust – best wishes

    1. Thank you so much! There are only 2 surgeons in all of BC who do this particular surgery and I wasn’t considered urgent until a few months ago. July 5 is the big day!!

      1. X it will get better – promise. They put my vns inside a pocket in my arm pit – where’s your’s? Yes, the bandages always made me feel a bit yuk . I found that vitamin E cream helped with reducing the scarring .. also something called ‘Bio – Oil’ is good but unfortunately I discovered for me personally it triggered my seizures ( contained calendula and geranium) . Huge hugs!! – and remember how far you’ve come 🙂 x

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