Finding Mentors Through My Friends

15338761_10154262379411925_743627914102019830_nI am continuing on with the “Mentors in My Community” theme. This week I am looking at mentors in my personal friendships. This was a particularly hard one, as it was hard to choose just *ONE* friend who is a mentor, as ALL of my friends are mentors in one way or another.

I met so many new friends this year, who have had such a positive impact on my life.  I met my good friend Kathy at a Femme Friday meet up, which used to occur at this cute little Cafe- for all female and femme LGBTQ identified women. It was one of the more casual evenings, and one of the organizers was reading her tarot cards as that is something that she is skilled in. I brought some of my mum’s tarot cards- not because I can read them effectively-but because I thought they were fun. I ended up reading a tarot reading for everyone at my side of the table, which included Kathy.

Kathy instantly reminded me of one of my friends from Ottawa: charismatic, friendly, and had a presence. Oh boy, she has a presence. We soon realized that we both had a love for tea, so after that evening we arranged to go her favourite tea house where we drank cup of tea, after cup,  after cup.

It also became evident  that Kathy was greatly involved with the LGBTQ community here in Vancouver, as I would bump into her at Pride, as well as the Vigil for Orlando. (RIP). Kathy helped me understand my orientation, and even though there are still tons of question marks, she gives me advice when I want to talk to a lady that I fancy for the first time. It helps that she knows practically everyone, so she has a connection to mostly everyone I want to talk to.  She understands her orientation better than I understand mine, and although I am not upset about my orientation, I get very confused at times. Kathy will listen patiently, and even console me when I feel like no one will ever want to be with me. “Girl, you have girls falling all over you! What are you talking about?!” She’ll say to me. Her comments assuage my insecurities.

Today we are organizers for a Lesbian meet up here in Vancouver, for women in their 20’s, 30’s and youthful 40’s. Kathy feels like one of the older sisters that I never had, and I know that she will protect me if something bad ever happens to me.

I am so grateful for Kathy’s loyalty, protective nature, and honest friendship. It means so much to me!

Who is your Mentor out of your friends??

Lots of love,
Sita and JoJo xox

5 thoughts on “Finding Mentors Through My Friends

  1. This one is easy and honest and from the heart. When I think of all of the friends I’ve had over the years, the one that has stood out as a consistent mentor for me is actually a year younger than me. She’s modelled how to be in the world since we were children and continues to do so to this day, on this very blog. And yes, this would be my answer even if the question hadn’t been asked by the person I’m gushing about…:) (PS: If it isn’t explicitly clear, I mean Sita…but, duh!)

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