I Look Hot; My Body is Tired 

Hey guys!

I’ve been thinking a lot about our ableist culture recently, and how epilepsy is an invisible disability.

Perhaps if you do not have an invisible disability, you might be thinking “Well that’s great! No one knows you have a disability!” Sometimes this can be handy, such as my learning disability. People don’t need to know I have one, unless it’s relevant to the situation. 

With my epilepsy, I look “able-bodied” except I could collapse without any warning. Besides the fact that this is a pain in the ass, when I need the  disability seat on public transit, I often get dirty looks because I don’t look like what people think a disability looks like. 

Therefore, this makes me feel like an ass because it doesn’t look like I need to sit. Let’s be realistic here; if I’m standing on the subway and have a complex partial seizure ( where I fall), it could be very dangerous. As my dad says, I could experience “collateral damage”.

So, if someone asks for the disability seat, don’t be ableist. They could have an invisible disability that requires them to sit. 


Sita & JoJo