Getting Rid of Coffee: Day 1


sad coffee

If you have been following me for a looong time you will know that I went through a period of cutting caffeine out of my every day life. LOL that didn’t seem to last.
(It was SO long ago I can’t find the post. My apologies!!)

I used to only drink tea, but have turned to coffee to keep me awake due to the fatigue from my meds. I love Iced Coffee (No danger of burns!) and I always order it from Starbucks with Almond milk and a shot of Vanilla. Now, despite my obsession with coffee- I have noticed that it has suppressed my appetite. I can easily skip breakfast and lunch. I saw this in the TedxClapham talk by Dave Chawner where he references “coffee blocking”. You can watch it here.

So essentially I have been coffee blocking and I am scared. So the first step is to cut out coffee and go back to tea. I never lost my appetite with tea, so that should be good. Also- maybe it’s my medications? :/ Regardless, I am sad about this life change but it is for the better.

Love you lots,

Sita & JoJo


How Disability Support Keeps the Disabled Poor

I am very angry right now. I was just on facebook and a friend of mine, let’s call her Annie, posted that since she lives with her boyfriend and he makes more money than her, she is losing all of her disability benefits. Correction, Annie has such severe anxiety that she is unable to work. Annie’s only source of income is disability. Now that Annie’s partner, James is considered a common law partner- Annie is being cut off.

I have been so angry, and anxious for my future. I can only work part time at best. I don’t even work right now, as the field I am trained in requires most people to drive a car. That is fucking ableist.

I know no one will leave me out on the streets, but this is why I am starting my own private practice.  I will probably be poor my entire life, but a little income is better than nothing. I feel like crying. I feel like punching something. I feel paralyzed by my anxiety. I say a big FUCK YOU to my epilepsy. I am anxiously awaiting my Vagus Nerve Stimulator which might help, but still. I hate the unknown.  Are you on disability? Do you feel the same way?

Sita & JoJo