How Fashion Empowers Me

Hey BB’s,

Simplicity - Copy

I LOVE fashion. I watched What Not To Wear with Stacy London and Clinton Kelly as I was growing up. More recently, I have watched Love, Lust or Run with Stacy London.  I love make over shows!! Although, I have had to explain to countless friends that make overs aren’t to change a person’s look, it’s to accentuate their best features which they may have been covering up.

in Love, Lust or Run, Stacy London works primarily with women, and helps them morph into a different look so they are not held back in their lives with whacky outfits.
I am by no means a model. I am 5’5 and have an average body weight (that’s another topic for a different day).

I feel strong in cute clothes and my wheels go spinning when I think of how I can pair an outfit with different accessories that I come across. I love experimenting with my clothing, but if you were to ask me to describe my style I would say it’s “edgy chic”. To me, clothing is a way of expressing who I am.  Especially with the ongoing epilepsy, it gives me a confidence boost when I am wearing an outfit that I paired together. All of my looks are very intentional, and I gain inspiration from people I see in coffee shops, grocery stores, you name it.

I love fashion because it is always changing. I also believe that anyone can look amazing at any age, shape, or size. Fashion says “Here I am! I care about how I look and present myself to the world.” It is my way of saying “Yeah I have a chronic illness but I am not giving up on myself! This week has been hard with regards to getting out of the house, but baby steps! I feel and look great today! I made it out!


Sita & JoJo

2 thoughts on “How Fashion Empowers Me

  1. ( there will be limited and unusual punctuation in this post from my mobile device )
    Hello there beautiful soul. I start by apologizing for disappearing Facebook became overwhelming for me and I needed a long time out. I wanted you to know I have kept sending you positive energy. Your blog posts that I receive via email seem to arrive exactly when I need that particular message. Tonight, it was just such perfect timing for it that I decided to comment. I should have kept in touch sooner. I have my own reasons that you would understand. I want you to know that I can always apply your blog posts to what I needed to see in my own life also ( positivity, activity, taking one day at a time) or a different perspective I needed to see something in. I am not saying I always follow your lead. lol or that I do not follow your ideas on occasion as well. Or that your situation for that day is in any relation to my situation etc etc but somehow there seems to always be a much needed hidden message. I know’ I sound strange but in all actuality it’s not strange it means ,,,,,,,yes we both have chronic illnesses and can relate but that isnt all. It means YOU ARE A WRITER. I am many years older than you yet somehow this far away just like the first day I found your blog online you emotionally grab me. I feel all of it. Your message pops up just when I need my spirits lifted or mind changed or a confirmation made. If you are debating at all of writing a book no matter how long it takes who cares…. DO NOT THINK TWICE. Just relax and Write. To know another person is out there experiencing the same as me not about just clothing necessarily ‘ oh and you would never want to be friends with me haha I am a super lazy dresser but that someone YOU can write a blog about clothing and make my stress of the day relax ALL OF IT. YOU KNOW THE STRESS. worn out sick pain stress ALL OF IT. Gone. AND I do not even like clothes. SO that says a lot But you make that passion that relatable to others own lives others with chronic illnesses. It’s Relaxing even. Because you relate it to what you know best what you love. It flows out of you naturally that way. It really made me smile. As much as you like fashion and assisting others, are there volunteer programs through the hospital every few months to help any local women’s shelters with fashion, job skills to get employment? Just a random fashion make over idea. Your health and Safety is main concern of course. My medical journey had changed a lot before I left Facebook. When I am ‘ready’I will give more of an update on all that nonsensory lol. More than ever I am in awe of your bravery my beautiful friend . Just know I am here and am still a loyal follower and Sita cheerleader! Email me sometime.

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