Year 2017: The Best and Worst Year

Hey bb’s.


23847460_10154935572740776_8547808904476729259_o (2)
This is my final blog post of 2017. The fifth year that Life at Full Volume has been running.
I am generally a glass half full kinda girl, so I want to talk about the amazing things of 2017 last.

This year, my Aai (Indian grandmother) passed away. It was very sad, even though she died four days short of her 92nd birthday. She was quite ill, and she hung on for a long time. People have told me that grief is a funny thing, and I only truly understood it when my Aai passed. I did not expect to be so grief stricken, but after the memorial I was paralyzed by grief.

This year I also had some terrible falling outs with friends, which was quite devastating. I have learned though, that I cannot give anyone the permission to treat me badly.

The amazing things of this year though!! I finally got the Vagus Nerve Stimulator inserted, and I am happy to say that it is controlling my seizures very well! The last time I saw my epileptologist and VNS specialist we only had to turn it up a hair. I was also able to move in with my now fiancee! It is everything that I could ask for!

Ultimately, despite some weird things, 2017 was amazing! I have an amazing partner, family, and friends, For that I am truly grateful!

What are you grateful for? Happy New Years!

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