Advocating for BC Epilepsy Society

Hey bb’s!


How are you doing this Wednesday afternoon? I saw my epilepsy specialist, as it was an appointment to see how my Vagus Nerve Stimulator was working. It was increased a bit, and I told him that I have been feeling insanely tired lately. Moreso than usual, I’ve been sleeping for a solid 12 hours on some days. I was impressed that he didn’t just brush it off as recovering from my seizures last Friday. Instead he said, “Keep an eye on that”.

WOW! I wish everyone had a health care team like that and support that they could go to. That’s why this month I am working to raise One thousand dollars for the BC Epilepsy Society. That way we can support more people with epilepsy, as we are all one. If you are interested in supporting my Go Fund Me, go to Go Fund Me and every dollar counts! I was inspired to do this by my friend who raised 1000 dollars for the BC Arthritis Society.  I thought hey, if she can do it, so can we!

Any questions, their website is BC Epilepsy Society , and if you have any questions for me, feel free to leave them below or shoot me an email at

Thank you for all the support! We got this!

Sita Gaia

3 thoughts on “Advocating for BC Epilepsy Society

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    1. Yeah sometimes I kinda lack ideas and or motivation. I am a perfectionist so I like my writing to be to a higher standard. I’ll try those tools and thanks for the motivation! Knowing people put there are actually reading my site means a lot!

  2. I didn’t realize that you have a VNS, too! Are you happy with yours? I got mine in November (here in Toronto), and so far, so good. I have some complaints, but I do think that it’s making a difference in terms of seizure frequency. I will say, though, that my VNS itself it REALLY noticeable throught my skin. Like, really, really noticeable. I can even see the bulge of the wire that goes from the device to the vagus nerve! Not a huge deal, though. 😊

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