What Makes it Hard to Be a Kick Ass Spouse

Hey bb’s!

How’s the official start of your summer going?

I have been pretty busy with my Beyoncé Fiancée. Yesterday we were going to go downtown and do some shopping, but at the last minute we changed our minds and checked out some malls we have never been to!

I assume many of you are casually dating, married or in relationships. Since I am getting married next year, I wanted to share with you the challenges of being a good spouse while having a chronic illness.

1. Missing Out on Things Due to Not Feeling Well

I always feel so bad when I can’t go out due to seizures, crazy fatigue, or mental health issues. My partner is very understanding, and understands when we have to skip events.

2. Not Being Able To Keep Our Home Clean

Okay, I make it sound like our home is a disaster area (which it’s not!) If I can’t make a meal, do the dishes or vacuum, I’m very hard on myself. My Beyoncé fiancée doesn’t care very much, but I want things to be perfect.

3.Going to Bed Early

I usually go to bed at 8pm, straight up y’all, ( I’m trying this thing as a Canadian and trying to see if y’all works) and I meditate for 20 minutes after I get in bed. I’m pretty boring when it comes to night time. *cough* *cough*

4. Low Energy Levels

Even though I take butt load of anti epileptic drugs, I’m also anemic so when my iron is really low I can sleep and sleep. Not kidding, I slept through the yoga class I wanted to go to on Friday! I also have to count my spoons super carefully, so I can’t “over do it” with regards to socializing, exercising, etc.

5. Straight Up having Seizures

If you have seizures, you know they’re the pits. I also have psychogenic non epileptic seizures, so that can be a lot of stress on my Beyoncé Fiancée.

I know she still loves me, regardless of all these things, so to make sure both people are happy, we have an open communication about all of these issues. Honestly, talking about things is the best thing you can do.


Sita Gaia xox

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