Hey BB’s!

A drip here,a drop there, conserve water with care..png

How are you doing?? There has finally been a break in this crazy hot weather that we are experiencing, so I am super happy to be able to slip on my boots and denim jacket.
If it’s a hot summer where you are, I am sure you can relate.

Since I have been deemed able to work, thus starts goes the job hunting! I think most people hate job hunting. I have learned a few tricks from my fiancee, that I can take one cover letter and make tweaks to it so it applies to another job that I am applying to. That is helpful, because I find that writing an excellent cover letter takes a lot of work.

I am nervous because I am dying to work again, I just feel like I am a bit rusty. Plus people are not always kind to people with disabilities, whether deemed “stable” or not. I find that it is key not to disclose about a disability immediately, People don’t want to hire someone who is seen as a potential liability.

If you work with someone who has a disability, I can only stress enough how important it is to be accepting of it.  Trust me, no one signed up willingly for a disability!!
I hate job hunting, so I will skim craigslist and kijiji, then have my fiancee skim them with fresh eyes, where I may not have seen or been open to a possible job opportunity. I can’t wait to have a regular job, so I can connect with co-workers on a regular basis. When my fiancee comes home, she wants peace and quiet because she’s been talked at all day long. I can’t stop talking because she’s finally home. We have made a good compromise where I am quiet for 10 minutes so she can decompress. Sometimes I will go into the other room so she’s by herself. I remember when I was working full time and I needed decompressing time too. When I am hired I think both of us will be decompressing on the chez lounge.

Like I said in my previous blog post, this is so exciting but there are a host of other emotions that go along with it. Wish me the best of luck! I usually rock at job interviews!

Lots of love,
Sita Gaia xox


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