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It has been one hot summer over here in Vancouver. Most of the oceans have E.coli in them and some of them have been shut down. That is less than ideal for the pollution, plus I bought a really cute bathing suit that I haven’t been able to wear.

Epilepsy finds this heat unbearable. I had a spike in seizures these past three days, which has left me with a bit of brain fog. While my wife is at work, I spend most of my time in Starbucks drinking Iced Coffee after Iced Coffee on my Gold card.

I find it very disappointing that I have to avoid the heat due to epilepsy. I love being outside, and too much air conditioning makes me feel chilly. It was the big Pride Parade on the weekend, and I was looking forward to going with my wife, as well as meet up with some friends that I haven’t seen this year. If you are LGBTQ+, you maybe feel iffy about Pride due to Police presence, as that is a divisive topic. It is Pride every day in my home, but I have had to miss out on a lot of LGBTQ Pride events this year.

The heat is not solely to blame for my spike in seizures. I have also been stressed about finding work, and have had some insomnia which hasn’t helped. Managing my energy is crucial, so I miss out on a lot of summer events, which previously I could drink a Pepsi and be okay. (Seriously guys, I drank a Pepsi at a girls’ event once and stayed up until 4am! This growing up thing screws you up).

It’s not just the seizures. You feel slow. Restless at the same time. I don’t want to meditate even though I NEED to. It feels like you stop mid step and need help getting out of the funk. I was trying to brush my teeth yesterday and got “stuck”. My wife needed to guide my hand with toothbrush towards my mouth and I was able to brush my teeth on my own.  I need to sleep a lot after a spike in seizures.
Today though I am out and working in the coolest (figuratively and literally) place on the block-STARBUCKS! Fuck yes keep those Iced Coffees rolling.

Lots of love,
Sita Gaia

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