Dear Ex-Employer



7ceae8acce532694742c8fd193979d7c--chronic-illness-quotes-epilepsy-quotesDear Katie,

You were rude when I told you that I have epilepsy after you hired me. You made me feel like a hassle, even though I just continued to do my job. I didn’t work many hours, but not telling you would be highly irresponsible. Katie, my seizures are under much better control now, and you freaked on me.

Katie I talked to my cousin who is in the food industry, and he said that he would still hire someone with epilepsy. Did I hurt myself? Nope. I let you know when I felt I would have an episode. If that was half an hour before beginning my shift and I am not sorry. I cannot control these auras. Also, can I mention that it is the worst aura? It’s the feeling that you would be in danger if you left your own home. This is terrible, because you are stuck in your own home.

Katie, what I am trying to tell you is that I release these negative emotions. You have your stuff going on, and it is very inappropriate to take it out on your employees.
I am glad you let me go. It was so freeing. Plus I made sure you didn’t pay me less than I was owed on my pay cheque.

I know that the fact that I wasn’t “going fast enough” was a cover up for not wanting to have a liability in your shop. I’m not an idiot.


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