Reflecting on Being Housebound for 5 Months

Hey friends! Sorry I have been busy with other projects.

I guess that happens though, right?

I have been reflecting on being home bound due to my massive seizure in December. I am a very extroverted individual, and love the energy of other people to get me excited about life. When I lived with my parents, my dad strongly encouraged me to spend more time alone.

What was this? Spend more time alone? I followed his suggestion though and sat alone in a Starbucks reading and writing for at least three hours. At that time it felt like a chore. One more thing to tick off my to-do list. At that time, I was actively involved in a Meet Up group and some nights would come home at 2am. Might I mention that’s not a great bed time for someone with epilepsy?

I am a few years older now and I realized that I actually enjoy being alone! Now, not all the time but I enjoy the quiet to think my thoughts and not to be distracted by other people. Sure, it sucks to be housebound, but now I am coming up with new projects and actually making progress on them. I am trying to find a balance of being chatty, and having quiet alone time. When my partner comes home from work, I want to chat their ear off. I am trying to come up with different strategies to not burn them out with my talking, but also talk at a “normal” pace.

In sum, being alone isn’t so bad. On the flipside, it’s really hard. On the positive side, my debit card is much happier from not going to coffee shops on a regular basis. I am looking forward to my appointment with my neuro later this month to see if I am ready to leave the house alone. Wish me luck!

Sita Gaia

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