Practicing Aggressive Self Care

I know that the term self care is a buzz word these days. I learned about it almost a decade ago, but didn’t think a ton of it. Right now though, I am practicing “aggressive self care” as I had an injury last wAndrea Gibson canva.pngeek and am still feeling post-ictal. 

The things I am doing to help practice Aggressive Self Care are:

one to two chores a day
Watching ongoing episodes of The Office.

This seems to be helping, as I am only capable of so much, I am not seeing any friends this week, except for a close friend yesterday. Even then, I was cranky and swearing as I did the dishes. My friend has never seen me this way, so it was funny for both of us.

Thankfully I am seeing my neurologist this week so he can re-think a plan for me. He grants a bunch of my seizures to post wedding/honeymoon stress. It feels like it has been going on forever so I am super grateful to be seeing him again, and so soon. 
I’m supposed to be making my dinner this evening so I hope I have enough energy to do it. It would make me happy to let my wife put her feet up and not make dinner.  The annoying thing about chronic illness is you never know how you’re going to feel, so you just have to play it by ear. 
What do you do for aggressive self care?


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