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IMG_20180427_114124_767My name is Sita, and I am a 28 year old who wants to make a community for people living with epilepsy. I try to make it somewhat humorous, but also to also have meaningful conversations and thoughts about living with a sometimes debilitating disability. I also hope that this blog teaches about epilepsy, and helps to reduces the stigma that many people with epilepsy feel. This stigma can be as debilitating as the seizures themselves, so by educating people about how to act in the event of the seizure, how to support someone with epilepsy, and by just knowing the daily struggles of a person who is living with uncontrolled seizures, it can make a huge difference.

I also LOVE tea, deep meaningful conversations, and the sound of the rain. I have recently acquired a degree in Social Work,  and the non academic me is bubbly, silly, fun and caring. I love owls and loved them before it was trendy to be obsessed with them. I love working out, and I am working to live life one day at a time, and to be at peace with things that I have no control over.

I am writing solely from my perspective, so I am not trying to speak on the behalf of everyone who lives with epilepsy, or for the  behalf of everyone who lives with a chronic condition. I hope that people with chronic conditions who read this blog (epilepsy or something else) are able to relate to my posts, and if they are struggling too, they know that they are not alone. Every single one of these posts are written from the bottom of my heart, and I hope that you feel that.

Please feel free to contact me through this blog or email me at sita.gaia@gmail.com if you have any comments or questions!

As always,
Sita Gaia


22 thoughts on “About Me and Contact Info!

  1. Hey I’m Sophia. I’m also epileptic. I’ve lived with it my entire life. I’m 23yrs old. Like yours my seizures have changed overtime and I get multiple types. My epilepsy fits under Lennox Gaustat Syndrome ( one of the 40 or so known epilepsies) mine happen at night usually but there are days when they’ll happen during the day too. Majority of the time mine are Tonic. I’ll heat up and it feels like my brain is an anger management ball being squeezed. My upper body gets tense as a board my hands like yours curl into a fist really tight sometimes my chest will compress and I’ll moan bc of it. It’s soo embarrassing. I’m thinking noo anything but moaning and muttering nonsense lol vie had ones where it feels like my entire body is flailing since it feels like the bed is shaking and there was one where I heard voices in my head just like how they depict ppl who can read minds first discover they can. Of course I’ve had my fair share of “pleasant” injuries one actually happened recently I fell on the stairs and landed on my back and arm. I was relieved I didn’t break anything but more so that I didn’t hit my head. That was the 2nd scare I’ve had on the stairs. I’ve gone through Status Epilepticus which nearly killed me ( it’s a very long 2 part story). Thank god that was almost 2yrs ago but non the less it’s hard to stay positive sometimes. It’d be awesome to chat with you. It’s hard finding other epileptics that aren’t always gloomy. Anyways I think I’ll end this mini essay now and I hope you have a awesome week and hope to chat with you =) you can either email me or find me on fb ,there’s only one other with my name and she lives in Italy, if you’re up for chatting.


  2. Hey Sita,
    Nice to read your blog. I have epilepsy too and wanted to write a blog on it (but my love for cats and dogs took over 🙂 ). One thing I realised really early on is that even if your seizures are controlled, you are still stuck with the social stigma, something which will only go when people are fully aware of what this condition is.
    All the best…would be following your blog!

    1. Hey!
      Thanks so much for your lovely comment! I always love it when people reach out to me! Hmm about the social stigma thing, I never really felt any until my seizures were out of control. Even though my seizures are not well controlled at the moment, I just try to explain to people what to do if I have a seizure, and what they will look like, if I have one. You’re right though! Stigma is a tricky thing! Thanks for the follow!:)


      1. Actually, its differs from country to country…in India (which is where I live), there are too many perceptions prevailing epilepsy, thus the attached stigma.
        I have my hands full right now but plan to do something about it…perceptions exist when there is lack of proper information.

  3. Ah good point! I forgot about how the stigma shifts, depending on the country. What are some of the stigmas in india?? I’d be so interested to hear? Have you personally been effected by it?

  4. Hey, Sita

    I’m Astrid and I also live with epilepsy. I have experienced the many types of seizures in my life. I have had brain surgery performed and discovered that this was not something I could avoid in my life. ‘Give up’ has never be an option I have wanted to consider. I started a blog to express to readers that challenges can be great gifts. It is also my desire to teach others, inspire and encourage. Thank you for visiting my work =)

    1. Hey Astrid,

      Wow that’s amazing. I hate to say this cliched phrase but you are so brave for undergoing brain surgery! I love your attitude that challenges can also be great gifts. I’ve been going through some challenges lately…so I think I’m going to tear a page out of your book. 😉 Also, you are more than welcome! Your poetry is wonderful! 🙂


    1. Hey creativechemistryinc,

      Thank you…that’s really sweet of you to say. 🙂

      I read your posts and I really liked the 7 steps of tackling stress! Awesome post!

  5. Hi there,

    Been reading through your blog, and am inspired. I don’t have epilepsy, but my daughter does. She is only 2 years old now and perhaps seizure free from surgical intervention. I really enjoy reading about your experiences and am grateful that you and others share what you do. It gives me hope that maybe everything is going to be alright with my situation. I read your blog with a heavy heart. I don’t know first hand what you are going through, but know full well how devastating the situation can become at times. I can say from my perspective, it hurts a lot to see the one you like and/or love experience seizures and the postictal period – and feel powerless to help in a way that immediately seems meaningful. Administering rescue meds is bittersweet at best. You know you helped, but you hate that it had to come to that! It sounds like you have a great support group around you and perhaps a soul mate? This support is very important for you, from my perspective.

    Your beginnings about body image are entertaining. I happen to like ‘pear shaped’, but I never heard that term before! Haha!

    Thanks again for allowing us to be a small part of your journey,


    1. Dear Ken,
      It has taken me a few days to respond to your post because it has moved me so deeply. I am so glad that my blog can offer some sort of insight into what it is like to live with this sometimes whacky roller coaster of a life. I am so glad that your 2 year old daughter is seizure free. That is amazing. May she continue to be healthy and happy. Just hearing that brings a true smile to my face.
      Yes, what you said about a support group is absolutely 100% true. It makes the journey of rocky days not so rocky. It makes my days easier and my friends help me laugh and make jokes of the otherwise not so pleasant days. Not to say that every day is terrible-not even close! But I have a bunch of friends at the end of my phone who are willing to dash over in a heart beat if anything goes wrong. Also yes, a soul mate/boy friend who will go out of his way to support me and understands that seizures can completely changes a day’s plans and loves me regardless of this disability. I think he;s one in a million.

      Haha I’m glad you enjoyed the stories about body image! I never loved being referred to as a pear but hey,to his each their own!


  6. I am a 42 year old male I have never had any seizures of any kind the only illness I have had is common colds bronchitis that is it till may of this yes I was setting at the stove cooking and I felt a vibration in my chest and my arm was hurting a little but I was upset me because all the power was out in the town we live in and the kids had made a mess out of the house while I was just setting there I passed out my wife pulled me to the floor and when I hit the floor I started breathing I was purple before I started breathing I was taken to a hospital where xrays and ct was done all normal then in June the company I was working for fired me because I hadn’t worked for the a year and my FMLA ran out after hanging up the phone I layed down on the coach and thought I had just went to sleep I woke up to emts around me and being put into ambulance and going back to the hospital I started hitting my chest then they started working on me as a heart attack I was flown to a big hospital and had 3 stints put in until this time the only thing the doctors would treat me for is seizures I have had 2 ct scans 2 MRI 2 eeg 1 was normal the other was a 3 day eeg and it showed 1 micro seizure I saw another neurologist and he says it was just stress and anxiety because it only happens when I’m under a lot of stress or worried about something but I’m starting to worry can anyone help me

  7. Hi, I’m 45 and have had epilepsy since the age of 9. Lately my seizures have been occurring often – almost daily. Thank you for sharing, and I would like to invite you to share on my blog, “Growing and Living with Epilepsy” at http://free22545.wordpress.com or just stop by to browse.

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